In the new series, Respawning are going to explore those games that had SO much hype but ultimately flopped, kind of like your dad failing on the diving board in the Costa del sol. 

Coming up soon Luke and Jav are going to explore one of the biggest fails of recent times, Fallout 76. Its safe to say a lot of people had this game high up on their hype list, it was going to be THE online coop RPG. Unfortunately it fell so hard it made one of the biggest names in gaming a laughing stock and made a lot of hardcore fans lose faith, that’s certainly what happened to our resident RPG heads anyway. 

Javier has been a big fan of Fallout since 3 (it was his first platinum), and he even put 4 in his top RPGs list. In fact he loves Fallout so much he’d even say it was one of the main series that makes him love RPGs, undoubttedly so. So of course when 76 came out he had a lot of hype for it and actually had it on pre-order at one point. Unfortunately doing what we do reviews are unavoidable to miss and this game bombed, hard (even by us). So Jav cancelled his pre-order and left it at that.

Fallout is something that Luke has enjoyed for absolutely ages now. Originally getting into the series with Fallout 3, once he finished this incredible title, he quickly went back and played through the original 2 games on the PC as well as a couple of the more obscure titles. In his mind the only true Fallout experience on the PlayStation 4 has been Obsidians and Inxiles game: Wasteland 2.

Luke tried to apologise for Fallout 76, insisting that it wasn’t as bad as everyone seemed to think but after a few hours with the game – He fell into the haters category.

However, after numerous updates and patches Luke and Javier have to find out… Is it any good yet?

Can Luke make his special pre-order version worth it, is it even worth the £10 Jav spent on the game. Keep your eyes peeled on our YT channel to find out what they think!

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