Lockdown has brought some older games back into my life as I try my best to stave off cabin fever, and worse, an urge to read a book… *shudder*. Amongst that collection of classics is one of my favourite fighting games of all time Injustice 2, the DC side on fighter, developed by the team behind Mortal Kombat, is a must own for anyone who claims to love superheroes! Watching Superman and Swamp Thing knock each other around is a joy. Though these last couple of weeks have got me thinking, its about time we got a new entry in this side franchise from Netherrealm, and with small hints dropping now and then, Luke and I discussed who we might like to see in a third instalment!


His Daddy Darkseid was in 2 as a DLC character, so I think its about time the rest of the family started to pull their weight. The second son of the stone skinned space dictator, and a monster of power in his own right, Orion is the most powerful and beloved hero of the New Gods on, having been traded from his father as a child to keep the peace between Apokolips and New Genesis. Orion possesses strength and stamina to rival his father and access to a rad space scooter known as the Astro-Harness, Orion could make a great stand in for his father or even ally if Darkseid makes his appearance as the next games “big bad”

“Hi I’m Orion and welcome to Jack ass!


Chosen by Luke, though with plenty of prodding by me. Talon is one of Batman’s rogues, a highly skilled assassin working for the Court of Owl’s, he could be classes as an equal to the bat in most ways with impressive fight skills and access to a myriad of weapons and other equipment. Recently the mantle of Talon has passed on to former Robin, Dick Grayson, and with Dick being dead in the Injustice timeline this could present a fun opportunity to bring in Talon in a similar fashion to Red Hood, with a creepy Court of Owls revival arc!

Slipknots new masks aren’t as visually interesting these days


There have so far been 2 Lanterns in each Injustice game, Hal and Sinestro in 1, and Hal is joined by Red Lantern Atrocitus. So Maybe the third time round we should drop Hal, and bring in another Green Lantern, but none of the humans, let’s have absolute unit Kilowog! The giant cross between a Rhino and a Bulldog, Kilowog is the trainer for all new Green Lanterns and a power house of Will. With a famously gruff personality and the strnght to back it up, Kilowog has proven himself in battle plenty of times against objectively stronger opponents and could make the Lantern combat style fresh and interesting again.

If any image ever has encapsulated “X gon’ Give it to ya”


When asked what his plan was for fighting Orphan, Batman simply says “I’ll lose”. Cassandra Cain, daughter of the assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva is potentially the greatest hand to hand fighter in the DC universe. Like a ninja she can kill you ten times before you hit the ground but she chooses not to, having been drawn to the Bat family’s morals she joins them and does everything she can to better herself and not fulfil her biological families twisted desires. For a while Cass became the new Batgirl though in more recent issues she has taken the title of Orphan. Either interpretation would be fantastic to see in the roster and could make for a very interesting addition to the games story!

Batman & Woman, masters of the disapproving parent look

Bronze Tiger

Starting as an assassin, then member (and occasional leader) of the Suicide Squad, then antihero! Bronze Tiger has had varied career over the years! Ben Turner is an excellent hand to hand fighter with a penchant for using bladed knuckle dusters, his skill set is so high that he was actually sought out to help train the previously mentioned Cassandra Cain. While he has assorted skills in killing, Tiger actual has a very strict moral code and more often than not chooses to aid the heroes, or at least avoid them. This could make him a prime candidate to join Batman’s side in the future storyline maybe to help train the new generation of heroes? I mean there are few people in the world as capable as this man is!

Yo Tiger, Kraven called, he wants his clothes back

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