Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you don’t fancy the whole dinner and a movie thing this year here’s a list of games you can play with your Valentine!

Unravel Two

Play as a pair of cute anthropomorphic wool balls and work your way through various puzzles. You’ll play as the red and blue Yarny’s who have been separated from their homes by the sea. Be warned though, there are some dark and sad themes in this game, so if this is something you are sensitive to please check out further information before playing.

It Takes Two

Another puzzle platformer but this time a split screen. Play as a divorcing couple who have been transported into the dolls of their daughter and forced to work together in order to save her. It Takes Two has been getting a lot of hype and it’s also relatively cheap to pick up.

Mario Kart 8

If you’re a little competitive then Mario Kart might be the one for you this Valentine’s. Race through tons of tracks and unlock loads of extra customisation. There’s lots of characters to pick from so everyone should be able to find a favourite (mine is Link). If you’re done with the tracks there’s plenty of DLC or other team based games to play.

Stardew Valley

If you’re looking for a cozy long term game to play how about starting a farm on Stardew Valley?! It remains a fan favourite years after its release for a reason. Farm, discover mysteries, decide if you want to sell your soul to the man, mine and build up relationships with other townspeople. This game still manages to charm after all these years.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Play as Luigi and Gooigi and make your way through the mansion, defeating ghosts and working through puzzles. This is just a fun light-hearted game with nothing too scary or overly challenging.

Portal 2

Another old one but a great one, more difficult than the original. Team up and take control of two robots and work together to make a plan. Master your timings and work together and you should be able to beat this game!

Written by Clarissa.

Edited by Alexx.

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