Yes, it’s a strange title, but ‘MUST PLAY’ game lists are done to death and you need to know that THIS is the definitive list that you need to pay attention to! The titles listed below are not just my personal preference, though some definitely are, but are games that if you have the capability to play games, then you really must!

If you don’t have thumbs, my condolences, and thank you in advance for the middle finger emojis in the comments and on my Twitter @MaliceVER.

5) Titanfall 2

I am starting with this one as I can’t have played it for more than 15 hours, ever (All story, never touched multiplayer as that’s not my thing). In that time I found myself totally engrossed in the superb gameplay and story that I actually wanted to know what happened in. The latter may sound like a given in any game with a story, but I have honestly lost track of the amount of recent games where the story seems to be ramping up and very pleased with itself, yet I find myself unable to give even the smallest degree of shit for where it is going.

This is different, the story isn’t the greatest of all time, granted, but the interaction between the player character (Jack Cooper) and his titan mech, BT, makes the gorgeous environments they find themselves in so much more enticing to explore. The frequent interactions between them, and the fact you choose Jack’s dialogue, makes exploration all the more fun as you’re wondering what witty banter they’ll get into next.

I’ve barely mentioned the gameplay and shooting mechanics, and you are in for an absolute treat. Every weapon feels fun and responsive to use, but the game totally comes into its own when piloting BT. A generous selection of loadouts (I mainly use rocket launchers, of course) means Titanfall 2 definitely brings the variety, and the set piece battle in the finale is a true spectacle to watch, let alone play.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, this game has haemorraged in price, and should therefore be a crime to not play.

4) DMC: Devil May Cry

My game of last-gen and the best Devil May Cry franchise game (Followed in order of greatness by 3, 5, 4, 1, 2), this is everything I want from a game. A bumping soundtrack by Combichrist, an intuitive combo-friendly combat system and wicked and warped environments make this game an absolute masterpiece.

I don’t have a preference in iteration of Dante from this or the mainline Devil May Cry franchise, but Ninja Theory did a stellar job in re-imagining the arrogant asshole for what could have been a reboot of the franchise. Couple that with other stand out characters like Posh Virgil (My name for him, not canon) and Bob Barbas, whose just doing God’s work, and this game secured itself for my best game of the Playstation 3 era.

The chances are fairly high that most of you have already played and loved or hated this game already, and well done to you for that. For those who are yet to experience the hellish euphoria this game provides, I’d get on with it if I were you, before Hell brings itself to your door!

3) Oxenfree

I adore Oxenfree. Without any doubt, it is my favourite small developer / indie title of all time, and you need only look at the screenshot kindly provided for an insight into why. The game looks radiant, plays beautifully and I love every character, yes, including Ren. Present all that with a story that is clever and enthralling, whilst also managing to seamlessly get some heartbreaking and chilling moments in it, this absolute must of a game was a pleasure to play from opening to close.

Multiple story paths and endings provide this title with a high replayability factor, and I (After 6 playthroughs) am yet to feel like I’ve seen all this has to offer. One additional point that I will cast in its favour, is that during your first playthrough there are occasional needs for walks across lengthy (But not exhausting) distances so essential character development can take place. Cunningly, on all following play throughs the game will cleverly construe a way to skip these treks altogether in with the story, so you need not worry about hearing basic character information again.

Oxenfree sits at third place on this list, not at any detriment of itself, but for the true masterpieces that those that sit above it are.

2) Final Fantasy XV

I am totally biased towards Final Fantasy XV, as it is currently my game of this generation and a serious contender for my favourite of all time. The game looks phenomenal on Xbox One X, and the high-energy, easy-to-learn but hard-to-master combat is a blast to watch or to play. Though I nurtured an intense dislike for one or two of the main characters at points during the story, the brotherhood and camaraderie displayed by them adds impressive depth to what could have been just another JRPG.

The boss battles are second to none, and the swelling orchestral pieces that accompany them add a force to be reckoned with behind the frantic attacks dealt out by the party.

On a side note, you should definitely check out Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, a tie-in movie that I love as much as the game, but isn’t essential to have watched if you just want to crack on and play the game.

1) Just Cause 2

This is it, the game of all games if you want to be a gamer of games. Just Cause 2 blows shit up like you wouldn’t believe, and stands head and shoulders above the other three entries in the series on the amount of fun to be had alone.

From blowing the military might of antagonist, Baby Panay, all the way to the seventh circle of Hell, to igniting every gas station, gas cannister and gas sphere tanks in the South-Eastern Asia paradise. This title packs more jaw-dropping action and fast intense gunplay than most games, including its successors, have ever done to this day. Don’t be scared off my the fact that it’s a DECADE old next year, as it still looks and plays… At least half that. A true achievement in incredible game design and not one to be passed over!

That’s my list, I’d like to think most people will have played most if not all of these games, but if not, get on with it. Let me know what games you think are absolute musts in the comments and on Twitter @MaliceVER in case you missed the prompt at the start. Follow @RespawningUK if you don’t yet, and while I’m dishing out orders check out my YouTube channel, Void Euphoric Records, for a healthy dose of aggressive tunes to ruin your day. That’s all from me, Alexx out!!