As has long been promised, The Eccentric Will Rule The World.

Respawning’s own Alexx aka Malice of Void Euphoric Records is releasing his debut album in three weeks on 7th August 2020!

The music video for Prison of Rain drops Friday 24th July on the Void Euphoric Records YouTube channel.

Eccentricity will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play.

Track List

  1. Electric Heretic
  2. Ufukinwotm8?!!
  3. Either That or Live Scared
  4. Prison of Rain
  5. Impurity
  6. The Emissary
  7. Inner Bastard
  8. Not A Victim
  9. Vortex Infernium Erupt
  10. Eccentricity
  11. Inkblots
  12. Long Road Lost
  13. The Colour of Witchcraft
  14. From The Devil With Pride
  15. Obscurity

All beats produced by Godsynth.

All tracks mastered by eMastered.


There’s No Safety In Silence.

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