DBZ Kakarot is out in just 2 days so check out the last trailer here.

Goku, also known as Kakarot, is a Saiyan, an alien sent to Earth as a baby to submit the whole planet. His memory was altered and he grows as a kind man and one of the greatest earth’s defender. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot tells the story of Goku from his brother’s – Raditz – arrival on earth to the final battle against Buu in a way never seen before. Hardship, rivalries and above all friendship were always at the core of Dragon Ball Z story and will absolutely be the pillars of  DBZ : Kakarot .  

Fans will have the opportunity to play as their favorite characters and become the main protagonist of the DBZ saga. Just as Vegeta said in his now famous monologue don’t forget that “Only you can do this … You are number one!”

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