You thought all the samurai hype had died down and it was safe to come out, didn’t you? You fool! Sucker Punch won’t let you off the hook just yet. Released last month Ghost did gang busters for Sony and sold faster than protag Jin Sakai can cut through mongols.

Now though if you didn’t get yourself the digital deluxe edition before (because you’re poor or have common sense) You have a second chance to spaff your money boner all over the beautiful island of Tsushima with a brand new, yet also reheated, DLC update. For just £10.99 you too can own the Hero of Tsushima armour & horse set! To look mildly different from all the other armour sets! Not only that but you will have the chance to watch a 45-minute behind the scene documentary of the games production, aren’t you lucky!!!

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