We’ve all done it; picked up a game, started it, and then gotten distracted! This is one of my biggest bugbears and pet peeves about myself… So it’s about damn time I took a look at those games I’ve never finished, and why I should have!

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Champion’s Ballad DLC

Now I’ve finished the main game, no problem, but I bought the DLC and then just never played it. I think it’s because I didn’t want the game to end… Ever. But now I know there’s a BOTW 2 coming out, I am super excited to finish the DLC finally.

2) The Last of Us

Here’s one to get you mad – I’ve played about 5 minutes… I really don’t know why I haven’t finished this game; I have zero excuses… I know, I know; I am ashamed with myself. I know it’s great, and I know I’m going to love it; I know it’s got an amazing storyline… But I just haven’t played it yet. I’ve got some time though before I’m ready to play the second one, and with it being on PS+ this month, this may be the perfect time…

3) Celeste

I know there are some interesting themes and a good story here, and I also know that there’s free DLC released! I think this game just frustrates me a little too much sometimes with its difficulty… So I only play in short sharp bursts – I’ll make it to the peak… One day…

4) Hollow Knight

Here’s an entry to get Sal mad – I know this one’s great everyone keeps telling me it’s great, I have it, and I own it… But I just keep failing to make it past the opening screen before I turn off… Sorry Salman!

5) Every Pokémon game ever!

Honestly, I’ve never finished a single one… I’ve never done all the gyms… Never made it to the big final Champion battles… Just never made it much past halfway through a game… Yet I STILL BUY THEM; what on Earth is wrong with me?!

6) Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy

…Okay I have a small excuse… I lost all my save data and just couldn’t face going through Native Fortress and all the icy bridge levels again… I’ve made it past Native Fortress again, however, so I guess I’m on my way to recovering my lost progress…

7) Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Now, I’ve done the first game, and I just have 2 and 3 to go… But I just don’t seem to have the time right now, despite the fact it is a really well done remake..!

So there you have it. My sins laid bare. Judge me for I have sinned… But ah well! Let me know if you have any similar stories in the comments down below!

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