So Christmas is over, your belly has doubled in size, and you’ve drank enough mulled wine to floor Santa… But what now..? What on Earth are you going to do..? Well I’m here to tell you what to look forward to in the near future, even if you didn’t get everything you wanted on the 25th! And I mean besides going out and pissing in the street on New Years Eve!

Jojo Rabbit

Firstly there is something in the very near future to look forward to, and that’s Jojo Rabbit, something I really can’t wait for! Taika Watiti (director of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Thor Ragnarok) directs and also plays Hitler in a very tongue in cheek look at the Nazi regime, following a Nazi youth member who starts to question the Reich. I am a big fan of WW2 films and Taika so I will be there ASAP.

Release date: 1st January

The Gentlemen

This is the next film from everyone’s favourite british gangster mastermind, Guy Ritchie. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell this will be an explosive and violent start to our year! Not much is known about the plot except Matthew’s character is an American gangster who’s in London to sort some of the locals out. I’m particularly interested as Hugh Grant won’t be playing his usual ‘posh boy who’s down to Earth’ kind of role. 

Release date: 1st January

Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon

I’m a massive newbie as far as Yakuza is concerned, but I know this will be on many people’s post-Xmas wishlists. With tonnes of wacky minigames, open world combat and that Japanese zaniness we all love, this is sure to be as much of a hit as the other instalments! 

Release date: 16th January

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

This is surely enough to get us all over January blues where we’re all giving up alcohol, sugar or pretending to join the gym for the 5th year in a row. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot offers a unique experience of an open world Dragonball Z game which follows the main story events as Goku and the ability to switch characters for certain battles. You’ll see a much more open and explorable world than you’ve seen before in Dragonball games as you’ll need to fly around picking up quests, fetching or fighting and then returning. The fighting takes place as you fly around and works a bit like the Tenkaichi games where it’s taking place in a 3D arena which is traversable and allows for free flight and attacks. I had the pleasure of playing this game at EGX, and if you’re a massive DBZ fan this game will be unmissable. Let Goku wipe away your New Year’s tears!

Release date: 17th January

Star Trek: Picard

Trekkies unite! P Stewart is back on the small screen in the role that pretty much started it all, the infamous Picard. He’s a very different man nowadays in his retirement but a new threat will put him back in the fold. With Star Trek proving it still has a place in modern entertainment let’s hope it’s a continuation of its form.

Release date: 23rd January

Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind DLC

Could this be my saving grace for a game that just couldn’t live up to my hype (definitely not my own fault)..? Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind is going to bring Final Fantasy into the game, finally offer post-game bosses, and new story content! Inevitably leading the series into 4, or whatever the hell they decide to call it… I’ll most likely wait for the special edition as I sold my copy, but this is bound to end your month in fashion.

Release date: 23rd January

So that’s my essential January list; I’m sure there’s something here for everyone. Seriously though you’ve probably eaten too much so a few weeks at the gym can’t hurt! Honestly it’s not all bad, we’ve got lots to look forward to!

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