We have 3 awesome games hitting us soon. I’m personally really excited for One Punch Man as I LOVE the anime. Check out new trailers below.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Players will have the opportunity, for the first time in a One Piece Pirate Warriors game, to play as a team of four players online, joining forces to take on the most difficult challenges!

This looks like insane fun for a group of friends don’t you think!

My Hero One’s Justice 2

If you preorder the game you will be rewarded with Nomu as a playable character and will unlock Izuku Midoriya Full Cowling 100% and Kai Chisaki Ver.2 right from the start! Fans that also own save data from the first iteration of My Hero One’s Justice will be able to unlock a unique customization for Midoriya. These are some pretty rad bonuses!

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows

Three additional characters has been confirmed to be playable in One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows:

  • Child Emperor: Child Emperor is a genius child and ranked 5th in the Hero Association S-Class ranking. He uses his superior intellect and inventions in order to annihilate the most fearsome enemies.
  • Spring Mustachio:Currently 28th of the A-Class Spring Mustachio is a gifted swordsman and use his masterful fencing techniques to fight monsters.
  • Handsome Ikemen Amai Mask: He stand at the top of the A-Class. Don’t be fooled by his look, behind his handsome face lie a hard-hearted and merciless personality.

The game will also feature a Digital Deluxe Edition that will include the following bonuses in addition to the full game:

– The Character Pass
– Terrible Tornado (Pajamas) Outfit
– Genos (Arms Mode) Outfit
– Speed-o’-Sound Sonic Prisoner Outfit
– Hellish Blizzard (Fur Coat) Outfit

This looks as wacky and entertaining as I’d hoped! Are you excited to play these. Let us know below!

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