*Glass smash* (best JR voice) By Gawd the Texas Rattlesnake has just made a bold statement and honestly King I can’t disagree.

(Jerry Lawler voice) WHAT!!??? Are you crazy JR you know that Ocarina Of Time exists right?

What a Stone Cold Stunning view

That’s right guys WWE legend and Hall Of Famer STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!! Has earlier today put up a video advertising his latest Broken Skull session with The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and in this video the Bionic Redneck asks the former Stardust a few questions in one minute and the first question is

Stone Cold “Best Zelda Game?”

Cody “Ocarina Of Time hands down”

Stone Cold ” Oh no dude, Breath of The Wild”

Cody “That’s a bold Choice”

Now honestly as someone who has only recently finished playing BOTW (178 hours) I can’t really disagree *WHAT?* I said I can’t really disagree with “The toughest S.O.B in the business” but it is not my favourite game in the series and neither is Ocarina Of Time (as important as that game is)…but what I mean by this is BOTW with it’s story structure, visual style, gameplay, puzzles, world building and so on, is straight up the best Zelda game, then you could say the same for OOT but none of that matters when it comes to personal opinion as for me my personal fave is Link’s Awakening, it hits me with so much nostalgia and is so fun I play it way more often than any other Zelda game…especially since the remake.

This article may come across to many as a “so what’s the point we know wrestlers play games and who cares?” and yeah fair enough…this is Steve Austin though, a bad ass son of a bitch that changed wrestling forever by beating up his boss, a guy that you (if you watched him wrestle in his prime) would never expect to sit down and play video games…Nintendo games at that! Now I can look at Ringmaster and imagine him chilling out in Tarrey Town, wondering around finding tiny green men with leaves on their faces or just straight up slapping Ganon and trash talking that big dumb jack ass flapping his gums about calamity.

I wonder what Austin’s load out is…is it Hylian armour, tingle armour or just Black trunks…I need to know!

Anyway my dudes let us know what you think about this new info we have and whether or not you disagree with Stunning Steve Austin. Have a nice day and don’t forget to be nice to each other and “That’s the bottom line cos Stone Cold said so!”