So I recently thought, oh hey, I’m not gonna have time to pop to the shops and get animal crossing on its release, Prehaps I should look at a pre-order, and was promptly dissapointed that the preorder bonus from the Nintendo store that included 3 gold pins is sold out. Gutted. So here’s the pre order bonuses you can still get

First up, game are offering the adorable tote bag that the Nintendo store were also offering (unfortunately now sold out). So if you fancy popping your weekly shopping into this adorable reusable animal crossing tote then this is the pre order for you! Featuring Tom Nook, Isabelle and DJ KK…. I’d have been swayed by this pre-order if they’d included my main man reseti.

Next up is smyths, they’re offering a super cute sticker and notebook set! Furthermore if you can manage to pick up your pre-order in store you save a fiver! That puts the game at a highly competitive £39.99 from smyths! Well worth it!

Next up we have amazon, whose offering this absolutely precious microfiber cloth! Honestly its adorable and covered in familiar faces!

Argos is offering a cute little DJ KK key ring, it’s my understanding that there are also Isabelle and Tom nook key ring out there!

365 games and shop4games are stocking the Isabelle key ring!

You can also find the above dj KK pin badge at 365 games and the issabelle one at the game collection!

If you fancy splashing a little extra cash and saving some money you can pick up the game and one of these four super adorable cushions that are releasing with the game! For £64.99 or £24.99 per cushion

So that’s it! All the current preorders I can find! Have you found any other hidden gems?

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