Watch Dogs Legion only wants to be a fun game, it doesn’t have a deep narrative tor game breaking graphics – but what it does, it does very well.

I’ll spare you the boring intro, here are the 10 things I found most fun in Watch Dogs Legion!

10. recruit James bond – complete with invisible car.

By taking over a few of the games boroughs – you unlock special characters you can add to your arsenal that have special abilities and gadgets. My 2nd favourite of these is the “spy” who joins Dedsec complete with an invisible car and watch that can jam all enemy weapons in the vicinity.

Unfortunately – when you got to the bar, he doesn’t ask for a vodka martini. He just has a beer.


I am someone who likes to check my phone or play with my baby a lot so being able to hit a little waypoint down on the map, hop into a car and just whack on AutoDrive is something I just find absolutely amazing. Just listening to Stormzy as the game takes me from mission to mission is such a fantastic little feature.

8. Ride a cargo drone around London

The only way to sight see

I felt like an absolute baller doing this. Hopped on a little cargo drone and just flew around London taking in all the sights. That’s about all that needs saying on this matter.

7. Avenge your friends

That’s for NoobMaster69!

When your friends die, the killer becomes an “Adversary” of dedsec and you can choose other members of the group to hunt them down and take revenge.

I lost a good few characters in my run through and my favourite character was an anarchist who was MURDERED AT THE COLD DEAD HANDS OF AN OLD LADY. So I shot her with a stun gun and proceeded to run her over.

The actions of a psychopath.

6. Fast travel to any tube station in London

A really minor thing here but something that has quickly saved me a lot of time whilst I travel about London is being able to fast travel to every tube station I drive past. I love this

5. Turn permadeath on or off.

I personally think Permadeath is the way that Watch Dogs legion is SUPPOSED to be played, but I do understand that I am in the minority when it comes to stress inducing gaming being one of my all time favourite things in life (Dark Souls anyone?). So Ubisoft including the ability to switch this on or off at will is an absolute godsend when it comes

4. Help Stormzy launch his music video as you shoot things with a drone.

I won’t say anything else about this really as its one of the nicest surprises in the game but launching Stormzy’s new music video whilst you bomb other drones is super fun.

3. Assassins leap into the Thames

It is what it is. After climbing a tower in one of the games middle missions. You need to make your way back down – this is done by diving from the tower into the Thames, leap of faith styley with the eagle noise and everything!

2. Fire bees

why yes I am f*cking terrifying, thank you for noticing

One of the many rare operators comes with a gun filled with pheromones that allow you to fire killer bees at your foes as they get stung to death!

1. “John Wick it”

Definitely not suspect at all

The Professional assassin character knows a martial art that allows him to perform instant takedowns on enemies with guns in true John Wick fashion complete with moments of “ooooft that looks like it hurt”

So there we go, my favourite things in Watch Dogs: Legion. What are your favourite moments? Let me know in the comments below.

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