We all listen to music; it doesn’t matter if it’s the latest from your favourite pop punk band (Eat Defeat) or something that manages to reflect every mood that you could possibly be in (My Chemical Romance) or even something to just have on in the background while you’re busy doing anything you need to do, or even when you’re not (Isn’t procrastination fun!). Unless I’m in a position where I can’t listen to music, I pretty much always have music playing. Something is normally wrong if nothing is playing. So I though since music means so much to me, I would share it with you as well. Maybe you’ll find something new to listen to as well.

One of the features of an iPhone is that you can view albums that you’ve recently listened too so you can get back to them quickly to listen to again. The above image is what’s contained in the folder for me. Some of them have a story behind them and I would like to tell you them.

Meteora & Minutes to Midnight – Linkin Park

The first and fifth album on the list is by Linkin Park. Linkin Park is one of those bands that have always meant a lot to me and since the passing of Chester Bennington, have caused me to listen over the albums again; this causing me to fall in love with their genius once again. Meteora is an album that I fell in love with after I started listening to Linkin Park, when I started I wasn’t really someone who listened to metal of any kind. I originally got into Linkin Park by listening to Minuets to Midnight so it’s on this list because it is actually the first album I listened to by them.


In second place is Blurry Face by TWENTY ØNE PILØTS. This album speaks to me in quite a few ways because the subjects addressed in the album are relating to issues I have myself and issues many people have as well; this is all done in a way that hides its true meaning while making it obvious what the trouble is at the same time.

A Flash Flood of Colour – Enter Shikari

A Flash Flood of Colour by Enter Shikari is up next. This is Probably joint first for my favourite album by Enter Shikari with The Mindsweep because of the way that they experiment with bass, mixing it with their classic heavy rock sound. This is particularly evident with the track Meltdown that follows the truth about what happens to a system when things are piled on top of things when the system doesn’t really work in the first place.

Reroute to Remain – In Flames

In Flames follow wither their album, Reroute to Remain. This track reminds me that there are always people who listen to music that you might not quite expect. There was a shift I was working where I was playing the title song of the album and was caught by a manager who asked if this was In Flames. This album falls into a genre of metal I can always recommend as there is not always a focus on screaming vocals. Whereas this album mixes it was sun vocals creating this blend that can only be described as awesome.

All Killer, No Filler – Sum 41

Jumping to number six we reach All Killer, No Filler by Sum 41. This is an album I would be surprised to hear that you haven’t at least heard of it. Along with Fallout Boy and Blink-182, they lead the late 90’s music seen within the genre of Pop-Punk, Hard hitting vocals but with guitars that where easier on the ears. This album is purely on the list as something that I listened to a fair amount while I was in upper school and was effectively the soundtrack to my early teenage years.

Dish of the Day – Fool’s Garden

The following album is going to take a slight turn from the music that I’ve shared before. The album is called Dish of the Day by Fool’s Garden. The album is special to me as it reminds me of holidays that I took with my family through France where there was no real plan other than drive south until it was warm enough. One particular trip, a song kept coming onto the radio that we enjoyed a lot, it was called Lemmon Tree but other than that we couldn’t work out who performed it. A few years later we discovered that it was this band and was immediately added to our already extensive list of music.

True – Avicii

Finally, the album True by Avicii. Avicii recently passed away and is a huge loss to music in general. He had a knack of being able to use classical instruments in a way that was able to form some really good dance hits. He was even one of the first Dance artist that I really started enjoying, possibly promoting my enjoyment of tracks featuring a heavy bassline. Of his two albums, this one sticks out to me the most as it features tracks like Hey Brother about how brotherly love is something that is unrivalled, and Wake me up.

So there’s what I have been listening to recently. Why don’t you share the music you’ve been listing to down in the comments, and maybe we’ll discover even more music that we all like!