Last week I covered three of the best rap groups that are active right now, so it’s only fair that this week I cover three of the solo rappers who can show off incredible levels of talent, but just aren’t talked about, especially in the United Kingdom nearly as much as they deserve. I’m going to start this week by talking about one of the rappers who got me into the horrorcore genre, and whose music I still can never get enough of.


Highlight tracks – Decade of Death, In Your Nightmares, Back to the KidCrusher

One of the few non-Americans on these lists, The ‘Australian Alien’ KidCrusher is self-made with an utterly ruthless rap style. A superb fusion of metal and horrorcore, as demonstrated in his trio of Metal Murder Mixtapes, KidCrusher is an undisputed force to be reckoned with when it comes to raw and brutal musical talent. Starting out as a solo artist in 2005, KidCrusher has released thirteen albums and mixtapes, and to this day remains an independent artist.

To show just how talented KC is with music, in 2012 he released an album with the ‘band’ Rectal Birth, and I have to use quotes there as every instrument and vocals were recorded and performed by just him.

To promote his metal orientated 2018 album ‘Distorted Dimension’, a music video was released for ‘In Your Nightmares’ and you should definitely check it out with the conveniently placed link below.

Lex the Hex Master

Highlight tracks – Bomb On Em, Beast, Marching In Fire

Lex took the Underground by storm in his Majik Ninja Entertainment debut back in 2015 with The Black Season EP. Since then he has released two albums and three mixtapes which were all very positively received by fans, and released a multitude of music videos containing appearances from artists such as Monoxide of Twiztid.

Lex has a very distinct lyrical style, and I for one can’t think of any other rappers who sound remotely similar to him in lyrics or delivery. In a business as cut-throat as the rap game can be, Lex pulls no punches in his artistic direction, which is why I will always have a Lex the Hex Master track in my playlist until the day I die.

Bomb on Em was the first single and music video he released after signing to MNE, and so it makes sense that the song that got me into him is the track that gets you into him too.

Ouija Macc

Highlight tracks – Friends, Majesty, Ghost

First appearing in the 2017 Psychopathic Records ‘Juggalo Love’ psypher, Ouija Macc has one of the highest number of music videos since starting out on his own just three years ago.

Previously half of the Las Vegas based rap duo Swag Toof (with Choirboy Dank), Ouija signed a solo contract with Psychopathic Records in 2017 and has made more appearances and tours with Insane Clown Posse than any other rapper in that time.

His catchy beats (usually from frequently used producer Deverauxxx) and vocals cement the memory of his tracks into the mind of any listener, and the sometimes comedic tone his videos and songs can take are also another reason why it would be difficult to find his music in any way forgettable.

There are so many Ouija Macc music videos I could use to highlight my points, but my favourite at the moment is ‘Majesty’ for the speed Ouija raps at in the verse, and for being so full of energy that I rarely watch it without immediately hitting repeat once it’s over.

Thanks for reading part one of my list of solo rappers who I wish were bigger in the UK. Please leave a like on any of the tracks you listen to and like to support the rappers working hard to get their music out to the public worldwide. Next week I’ll be here with part two of my list of rap groups who deserve more attention on this side of the pond, so I will catch you then!

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