…Well, I’ll be damned.

Lab Zero did it again you guys. They made an amazing game. I mean the only other game they have made is Skullgirls to be fair, but that being one of my favourite games of all time tells you a lot… And a departure from the fighting game genre was something that not a lot of people knew how was going to pan out. Seems it turned out great so I’m not complaining! So Indivisible is an RPG with a rather unique gameplay focus. The combat is something similar to Project X Zone but actually good and the exploration is kind of like a Metroidvania, and who doesn’t like Metroidvanias.

The story follows the character Ajna, her village got raided by space pirates or something no big deal and she’s out for revenge because her dad got his shit pushed in by these evil space pirates – For some reason, one of the more important space pirates gets sucked into her brain where he lives in a mind palace… Ajna’s mind palace. Y’know like usual, and now Ajna is out for revenge collecting more characters for her MTV Cribs Mind Palace edition and having a good time doing it.

Though the story is a little generic at first the game really finds it’s footing just a couple of more hours in – You get to see some really good character growth and interactions with other members of your crew.

The one that keeps everything going for me has to be the art style and the character designs. The art style is just gorgeous and the bright colours go really well with the super rad characters you get to meet; this game is worth it for the art alone.

Shit, if you thought this wasn’t a complete enough package you got some banging music as well! One of my favourite tracks is the one that plays in the intro that’s animated by Studio Trigger (Did I mention that the art was really nice)!

All this beauty is tied up with a beautiful satisfying bow called the combat. The combat is stupidly simply, extremely deep and a whole lot of fun to play – Instead of going a simple turn-based route, Indivisible allows four party members to be assigned to a face button; pressing the button will the character towards the enemy to do a small combo or hit, you can send out multiple at a time for more complexity and greater combo variation.

Then you also have blocking, meter management and a shit ton of characters with unique pros and cons and you got yourself a good game.

The other side of the gameplay is the Metroidvania style exploration which was admittedly my least favourite part of the game, you have decent movement where you can do sick platforming and different kinds of tools you’ll need to open up new areas and traversal in general, but other than that there isn’t too much to it, though it is a much-needed change of pace at times.

I mean what more can I say about this game? Lab Zero has done it again and I just want to see more characters from them ASAP.

If you like fighting games, RPGs, cool characters, beautiful art, and great music please give Indivisible a try.

I’m giving Indivisible a 9 out of 10!

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