Here we are people! Another instalment of Luke’s most hyped games of the month – October is the spookiest of all the months so expect some (Literally 0 actually) so horror games to make this list.

5) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This one surprises me as much as it does you lot really. I haven’t been excited about a Call Of Duty game since, well, not at all this decade really..! But something about the reboot has seriously caught my eye and made me genuinely excited about the series again.

I played through a bit of the beta this week and whilst I am a little disappointed they added the minimap back in, I did find a lot to love with the absolutely tight gameplay that the series is still known for.

4) Luigi’s Mansion 3

LITTLE bit hesitant about this one as I wasn’t a huge fan of the second game surrounding Mario’s brother. Every trailer I have seen about the upcoming release (2 of them; I’ve seen 2 okay?!) has made me a little bit more hyped than the last.

I am looking forwards to adding this one to my Switch collection though, and I am sure I will have a lot of fun diving into a new mansion whilst taking a poo on the mighty Nintendo Switch.

3) The Outer Worlds

I don’t know much about the Outer Worlds – I feel that Obsidian’s brand of game development and storytelling deserves going into it blind, so every little twist and turn in the game can come as a surprise to me, make me laugh or fill me with the sense of adventure.

…But Fallout in space? Count me in.

2) Ghost Recon Breakpoint

We played the beta of this in length (Which you can see here), and whilst it was full of bugs and performance issues, it seems that Ubisoft has done their classic thing of listening to what the people wanted from Wildlands and really doubling down on it for Breakpoint.

The gunplay was tight, it was hard as nails on my own and it felt genuinely REALLY REALLY satisfying to take down an enemy outpost in silence (Though we didn’t manage that much).

I have LOVED what I have played of Breakpoint, and I can’t wait to dive right back in throughout October.

1) Medievil

Ahhh Medievil, the first game I remember becoming really obsessed with. I have played the demo of this and even this has brought back memories of a better time when I first cast my eyes on Sir Daniel Fortescue with a Demo Disc I received with a PlayStation magazine back when I was just 7 years old… Everything I played in the demo felt like it hit me right in the nostalgia, and I genuinely cannot wait to sink my teeth back into the game.

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