So Indivisible is a game I’ve kept my eye on for quite a while now; it’s the second game from Lab Zero, the developers who’ve made one of my favourite fighting games of all time, Skullgirls! Skullgirls was a marvel at how love for fighting games and good animation led to one of the prettiest fighting games to ever exist, and since the announcement of Indivisible I’ve been waiting patiently. 

…And here it is! Is it good? Is it bad? Well, let me tell you… I’ve gotten to play a good amount of it I can say easily that the wait was definitely worth it. How worth it? As I’m writing this piece all I want to do is go back and play more – That’s how worth the wait was. 

So what is Indivisible exactly? Well, it’s an RPG that uses combat similar to games such as Project X Zone… Wait, don’t leave, this one is actually good though! The combat has 4 party members each attached to a face button, and pressing that button will send them out to attack… But that’s not all, different directional inputs allow you to spice up your attacks while you send other party members out to use buffs or heals, or to just attack alongside you.

All of this leads to some amazingly satisfying combat that lets you combo your enemies like it’s Marvel 3 or Skullgirls; I’ve only gathered a handful of party members in my playthrough as of yet, but judging by the gorgeous intro animated by Studio Trigger there’s a lot more to come, and I can’t wait to see what new synergies I can create. 

Visually the game is stunning and the art style is just absolutely my shit – I adore it and every new location or character design is pure eye candy for me. There hasn’t been a character I’ve disliked yet, the banter between Ajna and the colourful cast of characters is well written, emotional, and hilarious.

I don’t think I’m ready to go into further detail about the game, but I have to say I’m absolutely loving it so far. I just want to see what new amazing character I get to fool around with comes up… And I really am looking forward to seeing where Ajna’s story goes. 

That’s all I’m gonna say for now; if this first impression hasn’t convinced you maybe wait for my review coming soon!

Time to go punch more things now! Byee~

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