When this game was sent my way, I took one quick look at some images and thought that I was in for some absolutely beautiful hot garbage… To my surprise, this game is in fact not hot garbage. It’s actually completely fine, and totally inoffensive.

…Though it’s not a bad game, I feel like my review of this game will come off as a little mean… But I’ll say it right now; it’s a fun game, but is it worth anyone’s time? Eh.

Zombie Driver is a game that originally released in 2009, and boy does it look that way. The visuals have not aged well. The basic premise of the game is that you’re a taxi driver, and surprise, you’re NOT a zombie. Points cut for false advertising right there boys! Anyways you’re a taxi driver and you’re driving around, running over zombies and that’s literally the entire game.

It’s presented in a top-down view, so you can see all the weird, rusty, 2009 textures, and you just… Drive and run over zombies. The driving mechanics are rather fun though; you just have… Drive… Uhm… Brake… And hmm… Reverse. Oh! You also have a handbrake so you can do sick nasty Tokyo drifts and that’s about it. It feels nice, weighty, but not too weighty. Not a whole lot to it, but I can see why people could play this game to unwind.

…And because this is the Immortal Edition, you get some extra modes to kill some time with; they’re fun, and just an added bonus to the already fun and mindless gameplay.

The story mode is just… Nothing – You don’t really need one because why the hell would you need an excuse to run over zombies with your car. The best thing about the story is the god-awful voice acting – and you know me – I absolutely love garbage voice acting. The weird motion comic-looking cutscenes are also just as hilarious since they look so bad; you can just see the pixels in em’. God bless jank.

Missions in the story mode are short, and good for a pick-up and play sorta deal; you’re not going to sink hours into this game a session unless you REALLY like this game, and that’s fine. The Switch’s portability makes this a better fit for most consoles – You do a mission, kill some zombies, upgrade your vehicle, rinse and repeat.

End of the day, the best way I can describe this game is that it’s aged. It’s almost too old. It doesn’t really feel like it offers anything new to the table… Well, because it really doesn’t. The gameplay does hold up, but that’s like saying Street Fighter 2’s gameplay still holds up. It’s such a simple game that it can’t not have decent gameplay. It still doesn’t mean I’m going to boot up Street Fighter 2 every time I’m itching to play a fighting game, however.

If you want something that’s fun and can kill a lot of time… Look for something cheaper and more interesting on the eShop, and if Zombie Driver goes on sale, then maybe; if you have some extra cash in your wallet, pick it up..

I give Zombie Driver Immortal Edition a 6 out of 10.

6.0 / 10

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