You’ve probably seen this game around the eShop every once in a while. Every time you go to check out the Great Deals section, you’re met with Astro Bears, taunting you. The game knows it’s dirt cheap, and you’ll buy anything that’ll stock up that Switch library so that when your friends finally come over like they’ve been saying they will, you’ll finally have a party game you sad, sad person.

…Well at least that’s how I viewed Astro Bears, and well, it basically is just that. It’s fluff for your Switch library that goes for dirt cheap really often.

Well, it’s a good game too so can you really complain? This might be one of my shortest reviews, but this game is just not a lot; but what it does with that little amount is exactly what you’d expect for the price.

You’re just bears on a Mario Galaxy-esque world that you can circle around and around, leaving a trail behind you. In the two different gameplay modes, you’re essentially playing 3D Snake and a more competitive 3D Snake. You leave a trail behind you trying to get other opponents to hit that trail and that’s about it.

The single player mode is actually just catching fish and seeing your trail go longer, as I said, 3D Snake. I can’t really complain either because the game does run smoothly and it feels nice to play. It can be a good hour tops before you decide to play something else, but it’ll be a good hour at the very least. The game will keep even the most impatient of friends at bay with its fast-paced gameplay and simple control scheme.

Astro Bears is essentially an appetizer or a palette cleanser before you get to the really beefy party games!

I like that there is some semblance of strategy in the game since there is something that resembles a dash, and you even have a jump that brings the trail upwards, creating aerial hazards and as well as tunnels for people on the ground to go under. I mean dang, I guess it’s just 3D Snake with meter management and that’s pretty cool in my books.

Oh, and you get to choose your own cute astronaut bear character and that’s always fun. Bishnu for life <3

Though I do wish Astro Bears had more than what it’s currently offering, I can’t really say it’s a barebones game for how much it’s priced at. It serves its purpose, and it serves it well. I don’t think I really have much else to say about the game since there really isn’t much else to talk about. Astro Bear gets my recommendation if you have like 2 bucks and it’s on sale, and you’re really bored. It’s a good game, there are definitely better ones out there, but as it stands Astro Bears is inoffensive, good, and a laugh for an hour or two.

I give Astro Bears a:

7.0 / 10

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