Today, the official Pokemon Go website and Twitter announced that a new feature to the mobile game would be coming soon. This feature, Adventure Sync, aims to reward players even whilst the Pokemon Go app is inactive.

The feature – which players may opt in and out of at any time – runs in the background during every day activity with your phone, monitoring the steps you take. You will earn candy and work to complete your Incubator(s) just as if the game was open in your pocket. A summary of your steps and other statistics will be provided at the end of each week, and you can recieve push notifications to alert you when a candy is earned or an egg is about to hatch. The feature will utilise Apple Health on the iPhone, and Google Fit on Android devices to function.

The announcement comes during a busy time for Pokemon Go – with the Halloween event underway (offering players the chance to catch Witch Hat Pikachu, earn double candy, and work towards catching a Spiritomb) as well as recent news about Meltan’s evolution, numbers of returning players are sure to sore.

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