Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been slated to Direct the Metal Gear Solid movie for a few now and as you can imagine it’s been in a production hell with people not able to decide how close to the source material it should be but Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants it to be faithful and awesome. however in an interver Vogt-Roberts stated he is “trying to get an animated series going that brings back David Hayter, that brings back the original voice cast, and doing that in tandem [with the MGS movie].”…I’m sorry what was that, exsqueeze me, a baking powder? Did he just say he wants an animated series to star the original cast including the Legendary David Hayter…OH HELL YES I’M IN!

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been on the project for 6 years him self and understands how hard it has been to adapt the complicated story of Metal Gear to the big screen.

“I’ve been on that movie for six years and I’ve been fighting every single day to make sure that we translate that movie properly. This is my baby. I’ve been working on this thing for six years, trying to make it so it is the disruptive, punk-rock, true to Metal Gear, true to Kojima-san spirit version of what this is and I will continue to fight for it every day.”

“It’s a difficult thing. Getting any movie made in Hollywood is hard. Getting something like Metal Gear made where it is so complex is even harder. That’s why I’m trying to make it for a budget where you can do crazy shit, where you can do the Metal Gear version of it, where it isn’t neutered.”

Hideo Kojima even gave him advice for the live action movie saying “betray your audience” which is sooooo Kojima so if the live action movie finally makes it to our big screens and teh director takes Kojima’s advice expet a faithfull adaptaion with a twist.

The animated Series is just a pipe dream at the moment but here is hoping the we at least get the animated series as the Castlevania series was epic and shows us that you can adapt a video game right under the right circumstances.

If you like the idea of an animated Metal Gear or youre not quite sold on it check out the video below.

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