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FXP Festival rolling out to UK Students in 2017


FXP Festival, a computer game concept and development competition for school and college students, will be open to students from across the UK in June 2017, following a successful regional pilot in East of England earlier this year. The Festival is aimed at students aged 14-19 (Year 9 – 13, and FE), and is designed to provide an exciting hands-on game development experience and an insight into what careers in the creative digital industry offer.

Founder of FXP Festival, Alison Taylor, commented: “The first FXP Festival was a huge success and we promised that if we received enough demand from teachers and students we would make it possible for students from all over the country to participate next year; so, that’s what we’re now working to do.  The event is a fantastic opportunity for teachers and students to work with industry to improve their knowledge, and provides a platform to develop collaboration, creativity and communication skills.”

Linked to the Computer Science curriculum, the 2016 pilot was supported by the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership, ARM, YoYo Games, HackLab, Jagex, Unity, Cambridge University Press and Anglia Ruskin University, who provided expertise, mentoring and coaching for students and teachers, as well as contributing financially to make the initiative free for schools to attend.

Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition released!


Rose, Kyo, Tessa and Michelle return with all-new choices and routes in Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition from Silver Cow Studio. This expanded and updated edition of the popular visual novel sees girls adventuring into the past to prevent history from being catastrophically altered, and now offers players the chance to decide their own future in over 30 romance-driven choices, unlocking an array of in-depth new scenarios if enough Affinity Points are earned with each girl.

Players will discover the malicious secrets of Chrontek, a shadowy group seeking to change the course of history to suit their own purposes, as well as a weapon more powerful than anything the Time Tenshi have seen before. And for the first time, Kenji Johnson – the player’s character – can join the Time Tenshi in adventures through history to ancient Stonehenge, the Ryukyu Islands near Japan, and more.

Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition features plenty of humour, ecchi fanservice, suspense and action, as well as brand-new artwork and character illustrations featuring the girls in their casual outfits. And if players make all the right calls along the journey… they might just unlock a special romance finale with the girl of their choice!

For more information on Time Tenshi 2: Special Edition, visit the official Steam Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/559850

Total War: Warhammer – Linux Version released


Feral Interactive announced today that the smash hit strategy game Total War: WARHAMMER is now available for Linux.

Total War: WARHAMMER combines the deep strategy gameplay of the Total War series with the grand high fantasy of Warhammer’s Old World. Gigantic monsters, flying dragons, legendary heroes and regiments of undead warriors take their places on the bloody battlefields of this truly epic game.

A minisite containing system requirements and further information is available at: http://www.feralinteractive.com/xx/games/warhammertw/

Laser Disco Defenders released on PS4!


This throwback wonder features a retro vibe that will appeal to nostalgia lovers and old-school gamers alike. The game even features the era’s signature music, the one and only disco, throughout each level, forming a groovy soundtrack. Based on play style, Laser Disco Defenders is likely to appeal to fans of Binding of Issac, Nuclear Throne, Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars.

Laser Disco Defenders features procedurally generated levels, with players needing to complete each stage before moving on to the next. Clad in outlandish disco attire, characters move through each level, destroying the evil Lord Monotone’s minions, with the goal of preventing him from using the Mirror Moon for galactic-scale evil deeds! Players destroy their enemies by shooting funky-looking lasers. But, be warned, disco dancers! The player’s lasers stay in the level and can rebound and hit them, doing just as much damage as they do to enemies.

The stylish Laser Disco Defenders is a survival-based game, which subtly encourages the player to keep on playing. Once they’ve lost all their lives, they are returned to the beginning of the game. Avoiding frustration, the procedurally generated nature of Laser Disco Defenders’ stages means that players never have to replay the same levels. Most player deaths are courtesy of their own lasers, and so the player is pushed to become just a little more sparing with their lasers each time they play.

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