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Carbon Warfare releases on iOS and Android!

Gamesource, the Virtuos-group game development studio behind XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within mobile versions, today launched Carbon Warfare, a new shockingly realistic strategy simulation title. Carbon Warfare lets players experience the lethal consequences of global warming arising from excess investment in carbon-fueled industries. It’s up to players to find the optimal winning combination of industries and ecological disasters that will ultimately lead to the destruction of Earth, before positive forces, their opponent in the game, can find the solutions to carbon emissions.

Coming soon to Steam, Carbon Warfare is available to players worldwide starting today on Android and iOS devices for $2.99 USD / 1.99€ / £2.99:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamesourcestudio.carbonwarfare
iOS App Store:

Planet Coaster releases on Steam!

The future of coaster park simulation games has arrived!

Created by the studio behind the genre’s benchmark, Planet Coaster builds on over fifteen years of experience with simulation games to create the next great leap forwards for the genre.

Planet Coaster’s advanced new simulation techniques touch every aspect of gameplay and the player’s experience, in a game where every park guest is an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores your park with their own interests and desires. Build your coaster park empire, let your imagination run wild and share your success with the world!


Planet Coaster is available now on Steam and FrontierStore.net for £29.99 ($44.99, €37.99)!

See the Planet Coaster launch trailer, or if you’re skeptical, check out the developer Livestream being hosted at 7PM UTC on November 17 at YouTube.com/PlanetCoaster!!

Kill Shot Bravo’s 1st Birthday, surpassing 65 MILLION installs!

Hothead Games, the developer and publisher of leading shooter games on mobile, announced today that its highly acclaimed Kill Shot franchise has surpassed 65 million app installs, at the same time that its latest entry, Kill Shot Bravo, celebrates its first anniversary.

Launched in September 2014, the original Kill Shot is a first person shooter (FPS) that deploys players on military hitman missions to target enemy bases in strategic locations around the world. The game’s sequel, Kill Shot Bravo, took the FPS genre to the next level when it launched in November 2015 by adding social gameplay such as Alliance Mode and Player-versus-Player Sniper Duel Mode.

To celebrate the anniversary of Kill Shot Bravo, Hothead is turning up the heat with 50 new Primary missions and 5 Black Ops missions – all set in the midst of a volcanic eruption. The “Cataclysm” Region 17 update takes players from the frying pan into the fire as they breach their way into a secret base deep within the heart of the volcano.


Kill Shot Bravo can be downloaded for free from:

iOS App Store

Google Play Store

Cats Empire released for iOS and Android!

Spil Games is proud to announce CATS EMPIRE is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Cats Empire is a quirky, creative strategy game where you control a band of wacky, mischievous cats as they raid rival tribes! Develop a sneaky strategy to claw your way up the leaderboard as you go for glory in Whiskertown. Upgrade your lovable four-legged friends to improve their skills, or simply crossbreed two cats to create a new breed of fish-stealing felines!

Designed for strategy buffs and cat lovers the world over, Cats Empire will test your clan building skills as you go on quests, unlock exciting new areas and test your nine lives in fun boss fights.

Check out the official trailer for Cats Empire here!

Cats Empire is free to play and can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

Tactical Trading Card Game Mabinogi Duel Receives First Major Content Update

The “One Year of Mabi-Dueling Anniversary” update builds on the easy-to-learn trading card battle system by expanding the mobile game’s engrossing original story mode with the introduction of “Chapter 6”. Following the introduction of the new chapter, duelist will receive new chapters to play with each new update patch in the coming months. The update also welcomes new heroes for players to add to their hero collection, including Lina Narcha and Chesha. Special events will also be available for players to earn coveted rewards.

During the anniversary event, all new and current players who log into their account will be able to participate in the following events and receive rewards:

  • The Achievement Challenge: Players will compete in the Arena, check attendance and more to unlock Ruairi’s special edition Hero Skins, the Pre-release Booster Unlock Ticket, Gems, Gold and other treasures;
  • Attendance Event from Nov. 16 – 19: Fans who log into their game accounts will receive the special edition Great Harvest card and a bounty of gems;
  • The Mutant Festival from Nov. 16 – 30: During this time, players will have three times the chances of acquiring P and Mutant cards and 10 times the chance of acquiring 10 special cards;
  • Event Arena from Nov. 17 – 27: Players may participate in two rounds of the player-versus-player arena (limit cards of three stars and above) for rewards, including Super Boosters, Mutant Boosters, the special edition Great Harvest Card, gems, gold and other items.

The anniversary event will also feature a Special Edition Card Booster sale, where players can purchase:

  • The Special Edition/Mutant Booster Black Knight Card from Nov. 16 – 23
  • The Special Edition/Mutant Booster Angel:Partel Card from Nov. 23 – 30

Mabinogi Duel is available now to download in the App Store and on Google Play.

Digital adaptation of the best-selling and award-winning card game “Spot It!” coming Q1 2017

Asmodee, a leading publisher and distributor of popular tabletop games, announced today that its record-selling icon matching game Spot it! is making its way to mobile devices to please all fans of the popular card game in the beginning of 2017. Co-developed by Virtuos Studio and Asmodee Digital, and published by Asmodee Digital, “Spot it! Dobble Challenges”, delivers a brand new digital adaptation of the hit family card game, offering exciting gameplay twists and vibrant new game modes designed for on-the-go fans in both single and multiplayer fun.

“For over a year now through our collaboration with Virtuos, we have managed to craft a Spot it! digital experience second to none to recreate the familiar fun and action found in the original game” says Remi Hanesse, product manager at Asmodee Digital. “The creative process we went through with Virtuos enabled the team to take on the challenge of designing both a multiplayer and single player mode directly anchored in the Spot it! culture eager to please the Spot it! community”

Built entirely from the ground-up with mobile users in mind, Spot it! Dobble Challenges expands on the original card game, featuring a vast universe of symbols, fast-paced and tactical gameplay, asynchronous multiplayer mode, leaderboard, competitive matchmaking, collectible characters and powers, as well as numerous exciting game variants (classic mode, survival mode, tricks, etc.). The game will be free to download and play globally beginning of next year in 8 languages.

Final Fantasy XV-inspired meals coming to a Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’ Restaurant…Wait…What?!

You heard that right folks. Jamie Oliver and Final Fantasy. It’s happened. I can die happy now.

To celebrate the upcoming release of FINAL FANTASY® XV,  Square Enix Ltd.,  in collaboration with Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen have announced a week long FINAL FANTASY XV culinary experience.

From the 22nd to the 29th November, the London restaurant will be the host of an exclusive FINAL FANTASY XV menu, featuring a selection of dishes inspired by some of the meals enjoyed by Noctis and his comrades in the game. Fans of the game will be able to come down and request the special menu throughout the week.