Do you own the Binding of Isaac and the Afterbirth+ Expansion? Because I do and it’s just got its latest update, The Lost But Not Forgotten Update. Download it now!

The Binding of Isaac could arguably be heralded as one of the progenitors and main indie pushers of the rougelike dungeon crawler genre, and it’s just had its newest update! The Lost But Not Forgotten Update dropped today on Steam and contains a whole range of new items, enemies and trinkets. You, yes YOU, even get a new character with new abilities to play around with as well! Did I also mention that the update brings more than 800 new rooms to explore as well..? Oh yeah, If you own the Afterbirth+ expansion on Steam as well, you can download it for FREE. So what are you waiting for, jump down that trap door and take on those bosses once more!!

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