I’m not going to review Totally Reliable Delivery Service – TRDS from now on – because it’s my opinion that games such as this are separate to review scores. How can you mark it on things such as graphics, story or gameplay when the whole idea of it is just ridiculousness and having stupid fun in a crazy sandbox world. So instead of writing a review I’m telling you why this seemingly simple, but very fun game, should be on your playlist – Especially if you have a couple of mates to play it with!

Nowww it’s worth saying that this is a game that should be enjoyed with friends, and also worth mentioning that this will have you literally creasing with laughter as evident here (I hadn’t even had any alcohol!) :

I was pleasantly surprised by TRDS in my first few hours of play in just how much I had fun, it’s so rare for me to find a game on PS4 that’s simply about dumb fun. I was thinking that this would be something like Overcooked; however it was more of a Gang Beasts but with more structure. I will talk about how the game works because it’s honestly good to know before you jump in, and that there’s more on offer than it seems. You’re given an open sandbox world in which you have to deliver packages (you probably knew that), the sandbox element surprised me as I thought it would be levels you have to get through like overcooked or Tools Up. When you pick up a package you have to then get it to a drop off point either as quickly as possible or damaging it as little as possible, if done well you get a gold trophy and money. What really makes the game hard is the fact that your character plays as if they have no real control over their body, everyone’s a ragdoll and the world is simply out to get you; chuck vehicles into the mix and you’re truly in for some laughs. 

Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Steam

The game constantly surprised me with new, silly obstacles it put in our way to stop packages from being delivered. As you’ll see from the video above everything is nearly impossible to control, I think adding in delivery trucks to ragdoll physics was a stroke of genius, let alone helicopters or planes. Controlled with a simple joystick or 2 you must balance speed and control which isn’t that easy when your character is flying around of their own accord. If the boneless limbs and crazy cars weren’t enough there are plenty of obstacles in your way; things like blimps, tornados, rocket cars, hot air balloons, sleds, explosions, falling logs, ramps and much, much, more will ensure your parcels won’t get to their destination in one piece. All of this makes for some really great coop and I imagine this would only be enhanced with a couple of beverages, I genuinely couldn’t believe how quickly time flew by when playing this game. 

TRDS reminded me of simple, fun, games of old such as Lego City. You’re given an area to just go and have fun in. It gives you simple tasks to perform and throws silliness at you, and it’s all there just to ensure you have as much fun as possible. It still remains fun after the novelty of silly arms wears off, as there is a solid game underneath to enjoy. The physics actually work really well, I was surprised at how the planes flew almost like a GTA aircraft (although you take off from ramps). Games of this ilk can be very hit or miss and I’m glad to say this one is a hit! 

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