You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that What The GOLF is a golf game but it really, really isn’t. Instead it’s more of a love letter to all of the games that we cherish and manages to combine many different gameplay mechanics in one excellently put together package, not just hitting balls into holes on ‘crazy’ courses. It becomes apparent very quickly that this is the case, when on your third or fourth tap instead of the ball being launched forward it’s the character that’s flung across the course. As you’ll see here:

I REALLY liked this game, I was given the code to review the DLC but I haven’t actually gotten round to it yet as I’m trying to 100% the main game (just one pesky level away) and it’s really not that often I complete indie games. I felt like I was suffering a bit of an gaming drought this summer, as I think many of us have, and this relatively simple but fun game has pulled me right out of it.

Each level does require you to get to the hole at then end of course but each one is extremely different, there are so many gaming methods packed in here. One level could be a race with a sheep, another will have you FPShooting (is that a term?!) glass bottles out of the way, another will have you Katamari-ing trees to reveal the flag, and others will have you knocking over cats AND SO MUCH MORE. There is so much to just enjoy in this game and so many nods to other games; Superhot, Mario, Super Meatboy and flappy bird to name a few. It also has levels which specifically utilised the Switch’s interface, for example lots of the shooting levels had me holding my screen out in front of me to aim (so it’s better to play undocked). Certain segments, such as the Superhot levels, I could have played a whole game of.

Not only does it offer a tonne of silly fun straight off, each level has 3 ‘versions’ which you can tackle. More often than not the 2nd go is completing it within a par (I don’t speak golf) and the third will be something a bit bonkers like the sheep racing I mentioned. It is just one of these 3rd versions I’m stuck on for the 100%! There’s a lot to enjoy with this game, like a lot, and very rarely is an indie game the only game I’ll be putting on every time I switch on my console. However that was definitely the case with WHAT THE GOOOOLLLFF. Please keep your eyes peeled for my DLC review. I give the main game a:

9.0 / 10

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