As we go into week 2 and episode 3 I just wanted to write my thoughts so far and express some of my predictions for the future of the MCU, all based on pretty much nothing except my inner thoughts. It’s probably worth mentioning that the hype is real with this series for me, it’s made me want to start another MCU watch through (currently on The Incredible Hulk) and it’s not like my head’s ever not out of the MCU bubble but I am full on back in to it!

It’s probably fair to say that WandaVision didn’t give us a lot to predict upon but it’s fair to say there’s enough there to start making something from it. Firstly though I’m just going to talk about how much I simply enjoyed it. I thought it was very brave of Marvel to do 2 whole episodes in B&W and really does show they’re willing to take risks with their future content. I felt the material and pacing was perfect, hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable, whilst giving us just enough ‘other’ stuff to be just about satisfied. It was great to see their relationship in a much more developed manner than anything we’ve seen in the MCU, lets not forget the only time we really see them properly as a couple they’re immediately thrown into action which eventually leads to Vision being killed after Wanda thinks she saved his life, bloody Thanos and his lack of compassion. I particularly enjoyed Paul Bettany’s performance, I completely bought him being Vision that’s been thrown into a 50s sitcom. Unlike what I’ve heard about WW84 the dated jokes actually work as they’re combined with their otherworldly powers, I thought the dinner scene was genius.

Not only do we get to see this power couple playing through a 50s sitcom but we get introduced so some great side characters, first prediction here….Agnes will be the only character except the main 2 to get out of this fictional world. Kathryn Hahn plays her part wonderfully of an overly concerned neighbour, but I can’t help but feel there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. Either she’s working for the people behind this craziness and is evil (there to keep an eye on them) or she’s somehow been trapped there by an accident or is another prisoner, which leads me to my next claim! I believe that Wanda is trapped inside her own mind by an evil organisation (possibly Hydra as hinted by the watch), somehow after she was brought back from the mighty dusting, and had her badass 1 on 1 with Thanos, she’s been captured and is being experimented on again by someone or some-people. There are plenty of comic arcs where super heroes get trapped in a pretend world because they’re being nerfed, or controlled, or brain washed….

It could even be a powerful evil psychic (such as Emma Frost if they were introducing some Fox properties) who is submitting Wanda into this world. This could lead us into our next big MCU villain arc, possibly bringing back Hydra in a big way. Of course it’s also possible that it’s leading us into the Skull storyline and that’s why S.W.O.R.D were on the helicopter, but that could also just be Wanda’s mind fighting back. Although it could seem someone out there is helping her (the voice on the radio, the iron man coloured helicopter) I think it’s actually just Wanda’s powerful mind fighting back using her own fractured memories as hints back at the real world she experienced, such as the Von Strucker watch….The bloke who had her and her (now dead) brother locked up.

Lastly I’ll slightly touch on her pregnancy that’s shown at the end, and will no doubt be sped along as the timeline has been. In the comics Wanda is the mother of Wiccan, a character who’s been hinted at for a very long time in the MCU who is a key member of the young avengers and they’ve also been hinted at for a long time. The series could easily bring Wiccan in using this pretend world, it’s possible that they’ll tap into Wanda’s powers from the House of M story line (google it if you don’t know what it is) and she’ll then be able to alter reality. Perhaps her escaping will be her briefly reaching her peak power (because everyone gets nerfed in the MCU) and being able to momentarily use it to bring Wiccan to life and Brin back Vis….. I’m certainly excited to watch episode 3 to see any of this becomes true!!

I can’t wait for a few weeks time for this all to be wrong but you never know right! What do you think of the series so far? Is it brave or boring? Let me know by tweeting us @RespawningUK.

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