I recently bought the Tiny Tina’s Treasure Trove from the 2K Store and here’s what came in the box!

First of all, although this is the collector’s edition for Tiny Tina items, it does not include the game. It’s basically just a big merch capsule, so don’t be fooled into thinking that the game is included. That being said, if you are a Borderlands fan you get some really cool stuff for your money. The box it comes in is designed to look like a treasure chest which is pretty cool.

Awaiting inside is a pretty cool lot of goodies, in my opinion. My favourite is the deck of tarot cards . The major arcana are illustrated in a very beautiful stained glass window-style and feature images of the characters in pretty fitting roles. Claptrap as the fool for example is an accurate representation. The rest of the deck is a pip deck and it doesn’t appear to come with a guide book, but if you’re wanting to read it, I’d suggest picking up a Rider Waite guide as most tarot decks will roughly follow that guidance. The deck comes in a lovely sturdy box and has beautiful gold edges.

It also comes with a craft book that you can build Queen Butt Stalion’s castle, which I haven’t gotten round to tackling yet but looks like it will be a fun afternoon project. Of course you can’t have Queen Butt Stalion’s castle without the queen herself so there’s also a super cute Butt Stalion plushie that vomits rainbows (obviously). It’s a nice size and seems pretty good quality too. Who doesn’t love the sparkly bicorn herself?

Of course it wouldn’t be a Tiny Tina Treasure Trove without a Bunkers and Badasses module to play through and a big ol’ cloth map. Again, I’m yet to gather some friends round to play the module but I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. It’s just a shame that the treasure trove didn’t top off the box with some limited edition dice: you’ll have to pick them up separately but it does feel like a missed opportunity.

The treasure trove is topped off with a cute set of companion enamel pins which are brightly coloured and seem to be well made. They will make a good addition to any pin collector’s assortment.

The Treasure Trove is currently selling for about £85 and there are still some available. I think this will be a nice addition for any long-time Tiny Tina fan’s collection.

Edited by Catherine.

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