Over the years, video gaming has changed drastically. Games now are now much more advanced in pretty much every sphere, the graphics, the quality, the user experience. The gaming industry has been seeing a boom over the past few years, and that trend is not slowing down, in fact, it is speeding up. Many factors are involved in causing this boom included technical innovation as well as the increase in the among of software and hardware. Internet services and their ease of access, and the vast amount of games over the internet has also helped this boom. It is from this background that Ark Survival was born. To play this game effectively, you need server hosting abilities. You can’t play the game without a sold server besides you, which is why you need a Ark server hosting solution to play effectively. Here are a few solutions for you:

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The ScalaCube allows you to host an Ark server. It gives total control of your server if you use their control panel correctly. It allows you to install, uninstall and reinstall the base server application as well as the update automatically. You also have the power to install any new modifications and other plugins. You are also given the ability to assign different privileges to the players, as well as their IP addresses. It is a totally secure platform that can even mitigate any malicious software and attacks. 


This premium gaming server allows you to maximise your game and move up in the fastest possible time. You can choose maps, mods, free clusters, and even make your game smoother. It is a highly secure divide that protects your servers from many things, such as source engine queries. You can even self-manage the server with a filer manager. HostHavoc gives the users abilities to configure command lines within the servers launch. It also have many variables and parameter specially designed for Ark. What’s more, they have a very quick and efficient technical support hotline.

Survival Servers 

This is a well-known server in the Ark community, and it offers the user many of the essential features needed for continuous play. It comes with an instant server set-up, and it also has a customisable, in-house management panel. You have the ability to install maps and mods, switch locations, etc if you are playing on a PC. It also automatically updates with any change you have made. You will get a DDos Prtefctoin in your security aspect, as well as having the ability to install plugins from third parti4es.  


This server has been providing a server solution for Ark for over 10 years and is a well tested and reliable option. The control panel has many powerful features that enhance the gaming experience. There is a drop-down menu that enables you to change options quickly. GTXGaming provides itself on constantly upgrading its service so every year so it has the best and newest technology possible to make your gaming ride the best it can possibly be. 

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