As per the title, I have become obsessed with Star Wars since the release of Obi Wan’s titular series, consuming any and all content that I can to fill the void that I haven’t felt since the release of Rise of Skywalker. I thought that my obsession with the Star War was behind me and with everything that kept coming out – I just found that I didn’t seemingly care about the franchise any longer.

I am so happy that Obi Wan has rekindled this fire within me, or rather… the Trailer for Obi Wan has because I am yet to actually begin any of the episodes that have aired on the Disney+ streaming service… WHY you ask? Well because I have never actually gotten around to watching the Clone Wars, so in my infinite wisdom (idiocy) I have decided to being a new Star Wars rewatch in chronological order ahead of beginning the Ewan Mcgregor starring space opera series.

On day 1 of this journey I managed to get through Episode 1 and 2 as well as the first 15 episodes of the Clone Wars series, so I felt that I was going to easily make a big dent of progress in my epic Journey to reach the Obi Wan series and catch up – I mean, if I could get through all that in one day, it shouldn’t take me very long at all… right?

WRONG! One thing I hadn’t considered was Video Games! Alongside this watch through, I still had a hankering to get some gaming time in whilst I was alone. So naturally there was only one course of action… Install Fallen Order, Battlefront 2, Squadrons AND the newest Lego Star Wars of course; dipping into all 4 games at any given notice just to continue to fill my Star Wars addiction that has come upon me so rapidly.

Okay okay, so the games aren’t that long really and you can watch the series as you wind down for bed; “there’s a way of balancing all this to make it all work” I told myself. I could do this and make a little bit of time for all of it and chip away periodically as I saw fit… Then once more in my infinite wisdom I decided: I am going to read the entire Marvel Comics run of Star Wars too, and not just that but I am going to read Vader, Dr Aphra AND Everything to do with the High Republic as well.

I guess there isn’t really a point to this article other than I wanted to write down what I am up too in my obsession with Star Wars, consider this the ramblings of a Padawan Lunatic. Whenever I return to a fandom it would appear that I REALLY REALLY return to a fandom and become absolutely obsessed, consuming everything in my path until I become burned out all over again.

Do you have any franchises like this? Let me know in the comments below.