Telltale’s take on The Expanse offers a unique experience that ventures beyond their usual narrative-driven style, catering to both loyal fans and newcomers. With a score of 7/10, this adaptation presents a mix of hits and misses that ultimately results in an intriguing, if imperfect, gaming journey. 

One aspect that might leave players a bit puzzled is the voice acting. While the voice performances aren’t subpar by any means, they occasionally miss the mark. Some accents come across as slightly unnatural and strange, which can create a minor disconnect between players and the characters they’re meant to engage with. 

Graphical fidelity also faces its share of challenges. The character models, particularly the depiction of the colossal figure of the character Holden, seem oddly out of place. This visual inconsistency somewhat detracts from the overall immersive quality, leaving an impression that more attention could have been given to ensure a seamless integration of characters and environment. 

The game takes an unexpected turn by incorporating more gameplay elements compared to traditional Telltale titles. Exploration takes centre stage, offering a refreshing change from the story-driven approach. This shift caters to those who craved more interaction, creating an engaging atmosphere for players to navigate. However, this departure leads to instances of padding that can disrupt the pacing. For instance, early in the game, a lengthy sequence involving scanning dead bodies to retrieve a hand for fingerprint identification feels unnecessarily extended, appearing to artificially elongate the gameplay experience. 

Similar pacing issues arise later on, where a frustrating search for a key card drags on for about 10 minutes, proving to be more exasperating than enjoyable. These moments of gameplay may prompt some players to temporarily set the game aside in frustration. 

The Expanse game seemingly aims to please its core fanbase, strongly aligning itself with enthusiasts of the show or novels. While this devotion is admirable, a bit more exposition could have been beneficial to accommodate a wider audience. Even dedicated followers of the series might occasionally lose track of the intricate web of characters, terms, and idioms that weave the show’s rich tapestry. 

Ultimately, Telltale’s The Expanse achieves a commendable balance between offering a new angle on gameplay and catering to its fanbase. With a score of 7/10, the game strikes an intriguing chord, though not without a few noticeable hiccups. Despite its moments of graphical inconsistency, pacing concerns, and potential exclusivity, it showcases a willingness to explore novel gaming directions in a beloved universe.

Written by Luke.

Edited by Alexx.