I am currently reviewing a demo of Street Fighter 6, which utilizes the impressive RE Engine. While I am aware that this demo is only a fraction of the complete game, I thought it would be valuable to share my initial thoughts and provide a mini-review prior to the official launch.

To be honest, my first impression was not favorable. I played the demo late at night after indulging in a few whiskies, which left me feeling exhausted and skeptical of the game. I went in with low expectations, assuming that Street Fighter 6 would be just as disappointing as its predecessor, if not worse.

As an “average gamer”, I’ve noticed a decline in the franchise’s quality with each new release, failing to impress me and many others. While I recognize that the game still has a massive competitive following, for the average gamer, Street Fighter 5 left much to be desired.

So it is with GREAT DELIGHT that I can tell  you, Dear reader, that at 2am that same day I messaged the Respawning Chat simply saying: “The RE Engine is the best thing capcom has ever done for Street Fighter”. The gameplay feels more fluid and impactful than ever before, graphically this is the coolest street fighter has ever looked and I am so pleased to say that I am genuinely so excited by this title.

It’s exciting to see that Street Fighter 6 is incorporating many elements that were missing from Street Fighter 5 at launch. One of the most notable improvements is the revamped Story mode, which is giving me strong “Tekken Force” vibes. In my opinion, Tekken Force mode is the best story mode ever created in a fighting game, so I cannot overemphasize how impressed I am with this comparison.

While it’s clear that SF6 is still targeting the competitive market, it’s evident that they are also considering the average gamer with an abundance of added features. It’s possible that this game could become the new pinnacle of Street Fighter titles, which is something I never thought would happen when Street Fighter Alpha exists! Overall, I’m highly anticipating the release of this game and cannot wait to see what it has to offer.

What are your thoughts on Street Fighter 6? Are you excited for its release?

Written by Luke.

Edited by Jackson.