Hitting mobile, Pokémon Unite has decided to up the ante by bringing some new content along with it! Alongside Sylveon and Mamoswine joining the battle, Unite will be dropping a new squad feature called Unite Squads which will pair you up with “like minded” players, which might just be code for “as salty as you”

However the big ticket item is the new battle pass, known as Galactic Ghost 094. Unite is going to space! With a bunch of new costumes having a space theme. It’s about time the Pocket Monsters explored the stars… i mean how long ago did we learn about Deoxys?!

Of course the change to adding mobile makes sense for a MOBA and if you have been playing on Switch then dont be alarmed, you can easily transfer your progress to a mobile device thanks to Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club accounts!

The update is out today so get on and take your battle to space!

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