Earlier in the year I submitted to the difficulty of Bloodborne and recruited Luke to get me through the end of the game, and you know what I had a freaking blast with it! Now we’re doing the same for Dark Souls 3 and I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to make these difficult games easier!

First off I wanna mention that the playthrough with Luke is seperate to this one:

So yes I have taken the liberty of starting a new playthrough as I don’t want to ruin that solo experience, and I don’t want to be accused of not being able to play these games (did you see how quick I got through the catacombs!). The thing about cooping these games is that; firstly it’s no secret as it’s on tonnes of top coop lists, secondly these lists are right because it’s damn fun and puts a different spin on these games.

What’s pretty smart about the concept of cooping these games is that you may think it would ‘ruin’ the experience because the enemies aren’t as difficult or whatever but it simply gives you a different experience. You learn how to tackle the game differently; Bloodborne for example you will find it easier to take on crowds, Dark Souls 3 you can double team tougher enemies so one of you can get a back stab. And it doesn’t make it entirely easier, you’ll still die loads and summons are limited – additionally summoning your mates in also opens up your game to other online peeps coming in and ruining your day, damn red phantoms!

A Guide to Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer

This could be a great way for someone who’s keen to try these games but is a little hesitant to jump in, you can learn the mechanics with the help of a Souls veteran who can take most of the hits, and don’t forget that the person being summoned doesn’t actually die or lose their souls….. Yes summons are limited and you’ll need to get your head around how to make it work, you’ll also need to do each area twice as progression only counts on one game. But both will get the XP and ultimately it will be one of the best coop online experiences you’ll have! Trust me.

I plan to play all of the Souls games completely as coop games so watch this space for some coop content via me and Luke!

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