In the colourful world of Floating Islands of Nucifera, players will take flight into the clouds to open up their very own customisable workshop, take on loot-filled dungeons, and trade treasure for coin to bring life back to this abandoned town!

The land of Nucifera hangs in the sky. What was once a gleaming paradise, a new world for humans to conquer, is now an abandoned lair of monstrous horrors. In this fantasy RPG meets management sim, players will take the helm as Rosanna, daughter of the first merchant to open shop on the floating islands.

Floating Islands of Nucifera offers both sides of a classic fantasy adventure. Take your time decorating your workshop, getting to know the locals and exploring the sprawling lands of Nucifera – or hop on your airship and take on forgotten dungeons, bursting with monstrous creatures, in challenging turn-based combat for the loot within.

In the bright open world of Nucifera, it’s up to you to rebuild your family’s legacy, uncover the lost treasure of the clouds, and blow the dust off this once forgotten dream.

When discussing the announcement, Odooh Games said “I’ve always found that the games I enjoy most are those that encourage freedom of choice. When I can choose how I interact with NPCs, which of my gear I upgrade, how I upgrade those tools, and even where, when, and whether I fight – those are the kinds of games that really draw me in. 

“And so I wanted to build a shop management game with that degree of choice, and I really tried to channel that into Floating Islands of Nucifera.

“For those people who want a more combat oriented experience, I gave players the option to spend most of their time on raids, slaughtering monsters, collecting loot, and taking names.

“For those who appreciate peaceful shopkeeping experiences, I also gave players the option to spend the majority of their time crafting and selling items brought back from raids.
“I believe games are at their best when they give their players freedom of choice, and that’s why I made Floating Islands of Nucifera.

Floating Islands of Nucifera will be coming to Windows PC via Steam. 

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