Luke – Rogue Squadron

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My favourite Star Wars game is Star Wars Rogue Squadron, I remember absolutely binging this game on the Nintendo 64 and appreciating it for allowing me to have the Star Wars pilot power fantasy I always wanted. I typically only played as an X-Wing whenever I could because I am a basic bitch Star Wars fanboy but being able to do this filled me with so much joy. No game has come close to this since and not one title has flying mechanics that even rival this title – AND I INCLUDE YOU BATTLEFRONT.

Will – Star Wars Demolition

I’ve written about this one a few times before, and I’ll do it again! Demolition was the most fun I could have when I was younger, stomping across the surface of the Death Star II in an AT-ST or hooning about the sands of Tatooine in a pod racer with guns was always brilliant and the cast of unique playable characters and vehicles was always a joy to behold. I’m pretty sure this game still holds a top spot for number of hours played for me and will continue to do so, at least until Lucasfilm finally greenlights a sequel, how about it guys?

Stuart – Star Wars Episode One Power Battles

It may not be the best video game of all time and certainly not the best star wars game but I loved it, couch co-op playing as jedi’s power battling their way through tons of robot baddies…it was also the game where you could play as Plo Koon and his awesome gold light saber (and before Sam Jackson got his purple one), which in turn lead to ME having the very first live action gold light saber in a fan film I starred in called Jedied (there is a video comment if you want to see it) which was filmed about 16 years ago…below is 18 year old me, be nice.

It had wonky PS1 controls but was a beat em up with jedi so that ticked some boxes if you’ve never played it, try and grab a copy and give it a go with friends you should have a blast.

Lance – Jedi Power Battles

Curse you Stewart!!!! That was my choice and my reason is no where near as profound. I loved Jedi Power Battles purely on the basis you could play as my favourite Jedi; Plo Koon. The mask wearing/predator faced man that weilds a gold lightsabre. This guy oozes coolness. So much so that during the clone wars, he had his own platoon of Clone Troops, known as the Wolf Pack. I mean, come on?! How cool is that!? So, yea. Jedi Power Battles is my choice. I played it with my brother. He was crap at it, I wasn’t. The debate of this performance is still a point of contention to this day, over 20 years later. Thank you HotGen and Lucasarts.

Alexx – The Force Unleashed

My all time favourite Star Wars game is the first Force Unleashed. Anything which gives me the power to act like a real Sith Lord (though you never technically are one) is going to be a winner for me, and slaughtering the Wookies on Kashyyyk as Vader is one of the best opening levels of any PS3 era game. Plus, you can’t tell me it’s not fun as hell to fry a whole battalion of Ewoks with Force Lightning!

So what is your favourite Star Wars game? Let us know in the comments below.