We’ve done a few articles on the site for Resi 8 but after being so fond of 7 I couldn’t NOT follow that up with my own opinions of Resi 8 after completing it and honestly just having a really good time with it. These are just the mutterings of a semi sane man on a video game series that I’ve long had affection for….

Resi 8 successfully mixes what Resident evil has become, a mixture of exciting action and jump scares, with some creepy elements to boot, a great action horror with a b movie kind of feel that leans more towards the action side (more dog soldiers than it is the conjuring) . If you’ve played 7 and the remaster of 2 you should know you’re getting a mixture of both here, with less of the pure terrifying aspect of 7. I’ve read that they decided to make it less intense because people apparently found 7 too scary, however I can’t help but wonder if that was mostly because it was mostly played in VR. Anyway personally I definitely would have preferred more intense scariness, as this is what I loved about 7, but now knowing what the game is I’m really happy with the result. Anyway that aside there’s a lot to love about this game, and the fact it comes in at around 9 hours is actually a good thing. At the age I, and most of us here are, we don’t have the time we used to for games, so being able to complete a game in a couple weeks and having a really good time is actually a great thing.

Resident Evil Village
“Anyone seen my hair brush?!”

The game blends exciting action, atmospheric settings, interesting area designs and escape room-esque puzzles to give a monster thrill ride you’ll enjoy from start to finish. Plus it throws in a tonne of boss battles that’ll have you running, and reloading, screaming for your life. The game gives a lot more story to Ethan, Mia and Rose (the baby) from 7, as you follow on the events 3 years after the creepy hillbilly house. No spoilers but this game wraps up Ethan’s story really nicely and effectively and I think if you played the 2 games back to back you’d have an awesome experience. All you need to know really is the baby, Rose, is kidnapped and taken to the Village…..for unknown reasons, obviously Ethan heads in to rescue his little bubba. The village is set underneath, and kind of within, a huge castle where shit’s gone south. It’s overrun with Lycans and beasts with a few survivors, although it seems Ethan brings some bad luck…..The story is an odd one where you need to collect 4 parts of your daughter to bring her back to life, each part is held by a different boss, in a different area/setting and when you get them all you fight the big bad. Along the way you’ll find out more on the overall Res story line and find out a lot more about Ethan & co. By then end I was utterly satisfied with the story and it felt like a really complete experience.

So this game is mostly about action (there’s 1 or 2 brief sections of creepy horror) and as the game goes on you end up fighting more and more. Some of the enemies towards the end are pure insanity but they’re a hell of a lot of fun to fight. As I’ve said it’s an action horror that’s a lot of fun and it’s actually my favourite shooting game so far this year (take that as you want as I don’t play many shooters). And that’s what this game is, it wants you to go toe-to-toe with these beasts, collecting all sorts of weapons to take them on. Jumping from parts of creepiness, to fighting hordes of lycans or ghouls, to big sub-boss and main-boss battles is just balls to the wall fun. At no point was I sat there going ‘this is lame’, in fact the only part I felt was a little lackluster was the first main ‘boss area’ Lady Dimitrescu’ you know the tall lady everyone’s been throthing over but this is a really minor gripe simply because i enjoyed the rest of the game more! 

Resident Evil Village
“I promise I’m not just a giant lady deathstrike”

Not only has the gameplay become a lot more action focused since the last game but this time you get a shop, in the fat man called Duke. No idea how he gets about so quickly but he’s always everywhere you need him to be. You can trade in treasures and items dropped by enemies for Lei, which you can use to purchase items, guns and upgrades. You can also ‘hunt’ for animals to trade in for meals which provide permanent upgrades (I use the term hunt lightly because shooting a chicken in the head isn’t exactly the biggest hunting challenge). The fact that he’s in the game and you can more or less keep yourself stocked up constantly shows that they’ve abandoned the survival horror genre this series is so well known for.

I’ve continually spoken about how it’s more action than horror, and I think I’m over it. I really would have liked more of the intense scary parts, but if I was playing this in VR this version is what I would have wanted (7 made me scream like a child). The story and action are quite simply really fun and this has become one of my favourite games of the year so far. It makes me wonder where this insane storyline is headed and after THAT ending I’m all in. This isn’t a review but I would give Resi 8 a:

8.0 / 10

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