It’s so good, dude. .

I do not want to bother anyone with an in-depth analysis of the intricate level design, or the tight but responsive game feel, challenging bosses & enemies and downright terrifying atmosphere along with the new pursuer enemies.

I really do not think that I need to go into these things, at all.

Genuinely, if you are still hesitant on buying Dread this is for you. Exit the tab, purchase Dread and play it.

Enjoy and savour that shit, it’s gonna be totally worth it.


As someone who has only ever played ONE other Metroid game (Super Metroid) when I was just a wee baby, I too, was hesitant. I knew I would enjoy the structure at the very least since half my articles are already about Hollow Knight. But I did not think that I would be popping off every 5 minutes because of how sick nasty this game turned out to be.

This game wears GOOD LEVEL DESIGN on the front AND back of it’s bedazzled t-shirt as it’s struts its stuff all around the block for about 7 to 8 hours. This game talks shit at you for being a little baby who can’t solve a puzzle. Not unlike, Samus, who struts her confident space bounty hunter self around. Not uttering a word, but always ALWAYS talking shit to her opponent. You will see when you see how cutscene Samus moves.

I think the most important thing that happened to me while playing Dread was the fact that I finally understood the appeal of Metroid, and I need to ask… Why the fuck did no one tell me each game is just wacky space cave adventures? I thought there was like lore and shit, okay, well there is a good amount of lore. But Dread knows it as well as we know it. We are here for the SPACE CAVES.

And in this game in particular, the Ridley Scott’s Alien-esque robot pursuers in the game are the highlight in your space spelunking adventures. These dudes are absolutely terrifying and they will not let go of you if you get caught. Now, what makes them amazing for me is how you can approach them. You can run for dear life in a dynamic parkour like manner. You can absolutely stealth your way around, or, if you are an insane person, you can just wait for them to grab you, parry and slide under them while you giggle at how cool you are.

*Insert panicked screeching here*

By the end of Metroid Dread I felt on top of the world. I had only gotten 47% of all collectables and yet I felt super fulfilled just because of how much I adored my time with it and how it felt quality every minute I was played. So much so that I’m already on my way to 100% it. And to make my lazy ass want to do that is definitely praise worthy.

Heres my score:


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