Team Respawn are here to tell you what the best regional forms are of Pokémon you may already know! Is it cold in here? This first entry is going to bring the Ice!


Alolan Sandslash is the best regional form hands down. The Ground spiky boy has become an Ice and Steel spiky boy. The spikes are bigger, the claws are bigger and his claws are now slightly hooked to be able to climb on ice efficiently. With the exception of being shared with its pre-evolution it has a unique typing, and while it does have its weaknesses, the defensive capabilities from being part Steel type more than makes up for it. Like all regional forms, Alolan Sandslash has a wide and varied move pool giving an Ice and Steel type access to moves Pokémon of those types wouldn’t typically have. This all adds up in its ability to pack an ice cold and spiky punch.

‘This Pokémon’s steel spikes are sheathed in ice. Stabs from these spikes cause deep wounds and severe frostbite as well’. Being able to mortally wound is one thing but to give frostbite as well, so severe that there’s ultimately no hope for the wound?! A welcome asset to any team looking to cause devastation!

This things mere existence looks like a hazard


Farfetch’d is among my favourite Pokémon at the best of times, and also topping my list of likely the most delicious… So, with that taste factor in mind the leek wielding ducks of Galar took up greater arms to defend their honour and bodies from the threat of pancakes and hoisin. Look at the raw power exuded by Galarian Farfetch’d! Its super leek gives it a strong “Ronin” vibe and if that isn’t enough for you (you greedy bastard) then how about the fact that in Galar, these avian warriors have ditched the Normal/Flying due to be pure Fighting type!

Of course, on top of all these incredible changes, this form of Farfetch’d has been gifted a rad evolution, Sirfetch’d!!! Praise be to Arceus!



I’m all about Alolan Muk, look at this guy! All multi-coloured and oily and looking like he’s at his happiest in the middle of a tanker spill, probably while personally choking a Wingull! Those aren’t fangs or claws you can see, according to the Pokédex in Ultra Moon those are crystallised poison, making the Alolan variant some how even more toxic than the standard Kantonian one. That’s a lot of Poison right there, but if that’s not enough for you, Alolan Muk is also packing the Dark type!

Super bulky, super deadly and an absolute natural abhorrence, Alolan Muk is truly the King of all regional forms!

You step in this, it’s safe to say that shoe is gone forever

Which of us is the most correct? Do you have a different pick? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be back with more Pokémon content very soon!

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