Everyone has thought about what Gym Leader they’d become if they were a Pokemon trainer right…right??! Just us? Here’s the type of Pokemon we’d each use as well as what our strongest would be!


If I were a Gym Leader my type would be Bug. Bug types are awesome, they have a wide variety of secondary typings enabling them to have moves that can counter their weaknesses, which is exactly what a gym leader should do, challenge opponents in unexpected ways. Everyone thinks Bug types are weak, but they can be tricky, disruptive and deliver a big hit when it matters. My ace would be Heracross, who wouldn’t want a giant blue beetle? Heracross can fly, and pack a wallop! With having the ability to also Mega evolve he’s a sound ace for any Bug type master. My team would be Araquanid, Ninjask, Beedrill, Scizor, Galvantula and a Mega evolving Heracross!

These Super Smash character reveals are getting more and more disappointing


You’d assume with a name like Aqua that I’d be going Water. However, much like IGN I think Pokémon has too much water. So, instead of the fish I’ll go for the mercury inside them and pick Steel type. Almost every one of my teams I’ve made in the series have included some tanky mons, and there is no type more tanked than the ones made of Goddamn metal. Expect my Gym to be a maze of steel walls and trainers making assorted metal puns, mostly chock full of Guitarists I think.

As for my Ace Pokémon? It’s got to be Steelix, he combines two of my favourite types being both Steel and Ground, it’s normally the first Steel-type players can think of and most importantly of all, he looks rad as hell! Even more so if you’ll allow me to bust out his Mega Evolution!

Beauty, grace, and the ability to rock the very foundations of the Earth…


Presenting, the Poison type master: Plasma. I have always favoured the Poison type. Hell, in my Let’s Go Eevee run half my team were Poison (Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Victreebel) and my most favourite Pokemon of all time are all Poison types! I like to think I’d be a late game Gym Leader, maybe 7th or 8th badge, and that my Gym would represent one of the most horrific difficulty spikes even seen in the franchise.

My strongest team member would be Scolipede, and with a sadistic mix of Megahorn and Poison Tail, even your late game team would be swiftly swept by my noxious nasties.

You ever seen a proud bug? You have now.

What type would you use if you could be a Gym Leader, and what would be your star ‘mon? Let us know in the comments section below and Team Respawn will be back next week!

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