The season of giving is finally upon us, and gamers everywhere will be compiling their wishlists on Amazon for the games they would like for Christmas…

Well, it’s also my birthday this month as well as Christmas, so let’s get underway with my top 5 hyped games for December 2019, so you all know what to get me!

It’s a bit of a slow month, old December, but here we go:

5) Terminator: Resistance

I am hyped for this one with a bit of trepidation as I have been stung by the Terminator franchise too many times now for me to believe in anything that is coming out for it… But from the handful of trailers I have seen, this does look like it could be something that has had a little more thought to it than simply being a cash-grab for the newest film.

I HOPE it’s fantastic, but I could be completely off the mark with this, and it could come out as a terrible game.

Please let it be good…

4) Ashen

Okay, I get this one is cheating a little bit as this has been out on Xbox One and PC for a year by the time we get it on PS4 and Switch, but I didn’t have an Xbox at the time it came out, so this one totally flew me by. What I know about this is that is delightfully blends together soulslike combat with a more hands on co-op experience, and this is something that has me extremely excited.

To be fair though, anything developed my Annapurna Interactive deserves a spot on the hype list regardless of whether it has been out for a year with a re-release or not!

3) Darksiders: Genesis

This warlock wasn’t really on my radar until I got hands on with it at EGX this year, and it jumped right up my hype list for 2019. The Diablo-esque Darksiders experience is something that has me absolutely stoked to play more of.

I THINK it’s set before the events of Darksiders 1, and gives you a bit more of the story of the 4 horsemen before it all hit the fan – I am staying a bit more blind to this badboy as it’s something that surprised me with how good it was, so I want to replicate that when the game comes out this month.

2) SaGa: Scarlet Grace


I am super excited by this one just because it’s another retro style JRPG that I can have on my Switch – I cannot wait for experiences like this at the moment, especially with the fact that I have a baby girl very imminently on the horizon, JRPG’s on the Switch feel like something that is going to perfectly fill the time between various naps and feeds that will come with fatherhood.

I can’t wait.

1) Star Ocean: First Departure R

As promised, here is my other JRPG on the ol’ hype list for December, and all I have to say on this is:


One of my favourite JRPG franchises of all time that blends together Sci-Fi and classic JRPG tropes perfectly is coming to the Switch and PS4 in the form of Star Ocean: First Departure R, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the remastered version of this absolute classic.

I have played the first Star Ocean numerous times, and the series just feels me with a sense of absolute joy that is unrivalled by all except for the Final Fantasy series itself.

So there we go, what games (if any) are you hyped for this December? Do you have anything you’ve missed in 2019 that you have added to the ever expanding Christmas lists?

Do let us know in the comments section below!

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