Its Halloween! What a glorious time of year it is. The pumpkins are out, the pumpkin spiced lattes are in my face and Pumpkin pie is in the oven! We absolutely adore this time of year in the Stone household.

So it is with GREAT pleasure, that I bring you: Luke’s top 10 Spooky PS4 games to play this Halloween! As is usual with my lists – I will try and keep this to one per franchise… Otherwise I will just list all the Resident Evil games available on PS4!

Alrighty then here we go:

10 Outlast

Few too many chief?

It was really easy to put Outlast here about Outlast 2. Everything is just better in Outlast, a cohesive story I was able to follow, better scares that didn’t rely TOO heavily on jump scares but also had me feeling an impending sense of Doom throughout the game. The setting as well was just a ton more interesting. Taking place in an Asylum, Outlast works perfectly as my only “run and hide” game to feature on this list.

Give me guns and limited ammo every time though.

9 Until Dawn

Me approaching anyone, just asking to be loved

I am including Man of Medan, Until Dawn and the upcoming Little Hope as part of one overall franchise and with this in mind it was a no brainer to put the first variation of this on the list. Until Dawn takes the classic slasher genre and has you play through it “David Cage Style” by using decision led gameplay and quicktime events.

I personally don’t rate Man of Medan that highly but I know that lots of you will kick off at me putting this over it though!

8 The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered review
“don’t look, it makes her nervous”

The order of this list is by no way in order of Quality of game – if that were the case I would 100% put The Last of Us as 3rd on this list (the top 2 would remain the same for me… Sorry Mikey). The last of us has however, been shunted down this list a bit by simply being not that scary. Whilst it definitely is a true survival horror with limited ammo and a phenomenal story – as a game to play on Halloween, it has to jump down my list a bit. Sorry!

7 Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight Game | PS4 - PlayStation
New years eve photos are coming

The only multiplayer game to feature on this list, Dead By Daylight takes the cake when it comes to scaring my friends. Featuring a huge list of unlockable Killers from a million different franchises – I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dead By Daylight as something to kill the time with your friends and shit each other up. It beats out Friday The 13TH by simply having a lot more going on with it – Though at least in Friday, you can fight back a bit, which as we know – I much prefer.

We did a good stream on this and it was hilarious how we would each take different roles in scaring each other, catch that here:

6 The Blair Witch Project


Okay so I am actually going to keep this entry short – if you want some idea of how scary this game actually is, you NEED to watch Lance playthrough the game because watching him shit himself is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year.

5 Vampyr

Vampyr review for Nintendo Switch | An excellent port of a gothic horror  Action-RPG
Dentistry be dammed

The best Vampire RPG I have personally played. Yes the gameplay can be a little funky at times but the story and general feel of the game more than makes up for this. Allowing you to have a complete pacifist playthrough (as far as NPCs go) as a vampire is something that has been missing from a lot of Vampire RPGs over the past decade – being conflicted with being a creature of the night and your previous life as a Doctor is something I relished and played through start to finish in one weekend!

4 Bloodborne

Bloodborne Game | PS4 - PlayStation
righto lets get that spleen out

I mean it’s a Soulsborne. Every list gets one and I refuse to bother wasting your time on why any longer.

3 Little Nightmares

yep…focus on the tool you tool

I had somehow stayed blind when it came to this game and had no idea what it was about until my recent playthrough of the title. I ended that playthrough by sitting in a stunned silence because Little Nightmares absolutely blew me away and did something to me no other game has managed in my life: It shook me right through to my soul. I spent hours on this feeling uncomfortable and on edge and the whole experience just blew my mind. I cannot recommend it enough.

2 The Evil Within

I might just close that door…

Oh look, Luke likes Survival Horror games by Shinji Mikami. Why yes I do lovely reader and of the 2 games I wholeheartedly recommend you play through both BUT of the 2 games, The Evil Within JUST beats out its sequel – by being the first one there.

This game came out in a time when I was absolutely desperate for survival horror games – So I really enjoyed smashing it out on all 4 of my playthroughs feeling scared every time.

1 Resident Evil 2

you need a better skin care routine.

This one was close, I knew it was going to be a Resident Evil title but I flirted between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7 to put at the number 1 slot. But ultimately I had to give it to Resident Evil 2. This game, to me, took my favourite title of all time and made it better. I have gone on and on about how good this is in previous articles so I will keep it short:

If you want to be made uncomfortable this Halloween: Play Resident Evil 2.

If you want to be scared this Halloween: Play Resident Evil 2

If you want some hilarious B movie horror film action: Play Resident Evil 2.

So there we go, yet another article I have written where I could put Resident Evil 2 at the top again and bang on about it. What are YOUR favourite Horror games to play over the spooky period? Let me know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to tune into Twitch and Youtube and catch up on all of our Spooktacular gameplay including a full runthrough of Outlast 2, Resident Evil 7 and Little Nightmares as well as the aforementioned playthroughs of Blair Witch and Dead by Daylight

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