I keep forgetting to write these but another month is upon us and with it the gaming season is kicking off! So I am here to tell you about ALL the games I am really excited to be playing in September!

Tales of Arise – September 10th

Luke likes JRPG’s! The “Tales of” series has been a firm favourite series of mine since the release of Tales of Symphonia way back on the Gamecube and has gone from strength to strength with every title since. I have played every title since then and all the remasters as well so I am very very excited to dip my toes into a completely new story and experience the best of what Bandai Namco has to offer.

Deathloop – September 14th

Theres not a great deal of point in me writing here because I know whatever I write Editor Will is going to change it so ill just let him wax lyrical about why hes excited and loves Arkane so much

Take it away Will…

Thanks Luke, yes I am beyond excited to get my hands on the latest offering from Arkane, a studio close to my heart… literally, I have the Dishonoured logo on my chest. Anywho, everything I’ve seen so far about this stylish time bending FPS has me champing at the bit to have a go, and you can be sure to see a review from me coming very soon! – Will

Lost Judgment – September 24th

The Yakuza games are going to be Turnbased RPGs going forward but not content to let the flagship action rpg franchise lay dormant, Sega have announced that the spinoff game: Judgment is now going to be a series instead.

Judgment is really interesting as you fill the role of a detective with Yakuza friends rather than a member of any family in Japan. It’s filled with detective segments, hard hitting action and a wicked storyline that I cannot wait to see continued in Lost Judgment:

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