Oh rest ye merry gentle-gamers! Christmas is here once more and the giving season is in full effect, but with 2022 being a bit of a slow year for video games it can be a bit tricky to know what to gift your favourite gamer this Christmas. Never fear however, Santa Luke has your back and I am here with my FIVE best gifts you can give the gamer in your life which won’t break the bank and will save everyone the embarrassment from buying the classic: “Can’t hear you, I’m gaming” T-shirt Amazon insists on peddling every single year.

In absolutely no order other than what popped into my brain at any time let’s get stuck in!

Mario Lego

On the surface it could seem that Mario and Sonic Lego are both things that will completely break your bank account, but what I like about these as gifts is the ability to scale what you buy tailored to your budget.

Yes you can buy a full Peach’s castle set if you want for just shy of £100:

But you can equally buy one simple character for about £3.50:

Either way, the gamer in your life is likely to appreciate the gesture and it will help kick-start their addiction to collecting Mario Lego pieces, because there is nothing more Christmassy than addiction!

Cable Guys Controller Holders

I REALLY like a lot of these, and as someone who typically just throws my controller down in front of the TV – I know I would personally appreciate it if someone went out of their way to give me a cool place to store my controllers when not in use – applicable for use across all controller types. These one size fits all gifts are really cool and look like collectibles in and of themselves.

Also – if you, like me, like to gift give but also wind people up in the process; why not gift your favourite PlayStation Love this Master Chief controller holder!

Keyboard Cleaner

Is your favourite gamer a PC sweat lord? Do they like to eat snacks whilst gaming into the early hours of the morning? Are you passive aggressive as fuck? Then look no further than the KEYBOARD CLEANING gel from ColorCoral.

For all the people who want to drop that not so subtle hint – this keyboard cleaner is bound to piss off even the most devoted of loved ones:

Mario Uno

If I know one thing about every single gamer on earth – it’s that we love Uno, so why not tie gaming and Uno up in a sweet bow with SUPER MARIO UNO From Mattel Games!

A Video Game

And now the easiest one… Keep an eye on Respawning’s upcoming top 10 games of 2022 lists and just buy your loved one a new game… Let’s stop trying to be super quirky with our gifts and instead give the person you love that copy of Elden Ring they probably don’t want but definitely need.

And that’s it for 2022’s Christmas Gift guide, stay tuned to Respawning.co.uk for our top 10 games of 2022 as well as loads more great content.

Written by Luke.

Edited by Alexx.