We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! I’m sure every one of us have had the debate at home over the holidays when deciding which Christmas films to watch with the family, does Die Hard count as a festive flick? Well we here at Respawning will likely be trying to play as many games over the Christmas period as possible, so we’re asking which video games can we blag as Christmas games to play over the upcoming festive break?

Batman: Arkham Origins. One look at Origins’ version of Gotham City is enough to make me want to break out my Christmas tree and throw fifty pigs in blankets into the oven. The entire game is set over a snowy Christmas Eve complete with a decorated Gotham City, including a giant Christmas tree which the bat happily uses as a crash mat for one of Penguin’s goons early in the game. Add to that Alfred continuesly asking Master Bruce to please come home for a normal Christmas and there’s actually no denying this is a Christmas classic which my family has to let me play instead of boring Monopoly this year… Okay I actually quite like Monopoly but still!!

“SH*T… Dropped my keys”

Strangely enough, I have chosen Batman Arkham: Origins as well. I genuinely can’t think of another game that I’ve played that uses the theme of Christmas and is integrated so well into the games narrative. I know some will probably think this is a cop-out and not an original opinion. To that, I say; maybe it’s just of the games I’ve played none have done it well enough for me to remember as well as Arkham Origins. Good call Mikey!

For a billionaire he could have done better with the tree…

Alright so hear me out on this one… Battlefront 2. Of course im a fan boy of the space battles but there isn’t much in this world that gets me craving the mince pies and mulled wine like a quick battle on the snowy tundra of Hoth! fighting for you life against a pair of marching AT-AT’s all the while thinking about what Jedi Master Sant AcLaus has got you for space Christmas? That’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that can only be match by a cuddle from a wookiee. Besides, all the new movies are released in December, so you might as well play the games too and really get into the spirit!

Seeing 4 Star Destroyers in the sky is a clear indicator… It ain’t your day.

I can’t think of a game that I’d say is a Christmas game, so instead I’ll talk about a game you should play through the holiday this year. That game is Skyrim. Whether you have played it before or not, Skyrim is such a great title to sink into and get lost in, that you can play completely at your own pace. You can even choose to play solely in the snowy areas of the map if you want to feel that little bit more festive! Also yes, Die Hard is a Christmas film, a whole lot more so than Frozen!

If the Christmas sales aren’t good enough, make your own scaled boots

Okay here’s mine… A game you blag as a Christmas game that you can play over the festive period is Dead Rising 4… I’m kidding that’s apparently not good, no it’s two really… It’s Die Hard Vendetta (keeping with a theme here). Basically if Die Hard is a Christmas movie then all Die Hard’s are Christmas movies, and so to are the games. It’s a heck of a game too, some really satisfying shooting and well voice acted with a perfectly 80s/90s pulpy story. I played this game over and over again when it first came out to the point that when I was refilling my Gamecube game collection that was near the top of the list. The second is Batman Arkham Origins… It’s literally set at Christmas and is one of the best games in the Arkham series, like I’m serious it may even be the best.

Christmas time means fighting your family for that last bar of Galaxy
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