Man I really love games that make me think I’m on the worst acid trip of my life. Infini is a game developed by Montreal based developer Barnaque, these guys are all about creative wacky interactive experiences. Infini being one of them. I don’t know a lot of games like Infini but I guess just by how outlandish it looks I’d say it’d remind me of something like Hylics, a gorgeously weird RPG with an extremely unique art style. If I had to tell you what I first thought of when I saw Infini I’d say it looked like Xavier Renegade Angel, just without the seven billion jokes per minute thing that Xavier has going for it.

What I mean by this comparison is that there is a very small niche of media that I’d describe as cynical mysticism and spiritualism. Like Xavier Renegade Angel, Infini’s surreal art style and tone is what sets it aside. It’s plain weird, and mystic mambo jumbo is thrown around in the dialogue and story that doesn’t make any sense. But you can kinda see an underlying message about finding oneself and weird commentary about the world. It’s all very interesting, stupid, pretentious and genius at the same time. I genuinely love everything about this game’s aesthetic and story. I think it’s surreal and weird enough to keep you going, I really wanted to see what oddball character with a really dumb name would pop up next.

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The story is hard to describe – you’re this angel dude named Hope and you wanna get out of this place called Infinity and that’s pretty much it, Hope just adventures to find a way out – meeting characters like Technology, Peace, Poetry….. you get the idea. The way you see the end of your adventure with Hope is by falling down. Yeah, it’s a puzzle game where you fall down and use the screen wrap as a way of getting to your goal while avoiding instakill obstacles. Screenwrap is when you reach the end of the screen and come out the other end, think, some versions of Snake. That is pretty much the whole game, you get extra mechanics like slowing down your fall or speeding it up. And the big one being that you can zoom in or out of your screen to essentially make the environment work for you.

If there’s a wall that you can’t get past one side of the screen, maybe zoom in a little until it’s out of view and try coming out the other side. It’s pretty clever stuff and it’s done really well. The levels are designed extremely well and there are definitely some that’ll get you scratching your head. And to top it all off it’s got some banging music, banging is not a great word to describe it actually, but what I mean to say is that it’s good. It’s avant garde and weird as all hell and just perfectly suits the entire package. Should you check out Infini? Well do you like getting high and looking at weird shit all day? Yes. Do you just like looking at weird shit all day regardless of your substance abuse problem? Then, yes and also get help. Jokes aside this is a really interesting game, if curiosity alone is compelling you to play this game like it did for me then I encourage you to check it out. It might leave a bigger impression on you than you think. Infini gets a:

8.0 / 10

You might prefer this in video form, you can check that out here:

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