Void Euphoric Records presents the second album by Malice – Hyperaggression!

The album will be on all streaming platforms on Friday the 2nd of September! Featuring beats produced by Godsynth, Dansonn, Stir Crazy, Fritz TC, Monoxide and Noctur.

Track List

  1. Pain Waiver
  2. Hyperaggression
  3. Immaculate In Distress
  4. F.Y.G.A.H.P
  5. Abigail
  6. Blood Tempest
  7. Mortuary
  8. Weird & Dangerous
  9. Die Alone
  10. Straight Outta Patience
  11. Make You A Heretic
  12. Public Display of Aggression
  13. Get Drastic
  14. catcH22
  15. Jagged Edge

All lyrics written by Alexx ‘Malice’ Mitchell.

All tracks mastered by eMastered.

There’s No Justice In The Grave.