Marvel has almost entirely cornered the market for the live action superhero world. The MCU is an experiment that has paid dividends and many companies have tried to replicate that success, probably none more desperately than Marvel’s main comic rivals, DC. The DCEU has been a roller coaster experience with highs like Shazam! And Wonder Woman or being mired in lows like Wonder Woman 1984 and the infamous Joss Whedon cut of Justice League… and that latter film is what I’m here for now.

Taking the tin foil hat to an extreme

The DC heroes are miles more important to me than Marvel. So, I’ve been all over the live action incarnations and first in line to see my favourite heroes like Superman and The Flash. The 2017 release of Justice League had me beaming with joy as I waited to go in to watch but after I left I was crestfallen. It felt rushed, too humorous and one of my favourite villains in DC lore, Steppenwolf looked like a bad guy from a PS3 game. Let’s not even get started on the CGI removal of Mr. Cavill’s ‘tache… Almost immediately after the internet was awash with claims that Whedon’s cut had bastardised the true spirit of the film. The original director Zack Snyder had a grand design that had been almost completely wiped away to make a more “Avengers like” experience.

Me and the gang when the pubs re open

After nearly 3 solid years of campaigning and hashtags, Zack Snyder was finally given the keys to the franchise back and given free reign to make the film he originally intended to. A 4-hour epic with grand fight scenes and some massive revelations for the DCEU. I for one have been waiting, mouth-watering, for this new film since it was announced and I’ve probably bored all my friends to tears as I giddily share every new detail and screenshot released. However, with only 2 days to go before release, I have a worry. How am I going to watch it?

Getting Psyched up to go into Comic con

All advertising for the new film has been clear that you can watch the Snyder cut on the HBO streaming service HBO Max which as of now, Isn’t available in the UK. So, what am I to do?! Where might this epic film finally be shown in the UK? This is like Disney+ all over again, for some reason the British Isles seem to be last to get something that I want! Several people I know have just told me to pirate the film but I’m pretty reluctant to do that, I want to support the DC universe as much as I can and even more than that, I want to support Zack Snyder, a man near on hated by the artist film maker community yet beloved by action movie fans and DC fan boys

Getting some real megazord vibes from this shot…

I’m hoping that out of no where in the next 2 days DC and Warner Bros will announce that British fans will be able to watch The Snyder Cut on a pre-existing streaming service. Perhaps Now TV since Sky already owns the rights to show Warner Bros products. However, I won’t be getting my hopes up. I’ll find a way to watch the greatest heroes in the multiverse! Even if I have to travel to an alternate universe mysel

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