Hey all, this is a little article about a little magical dude called Harry Potter. You may have heard of him…. I was one of those kids who read HP before it was a massive deal, yeh I know I’m cool, and then the books followed me (and pretty much the entire school) throughout a lot of my growing up. I cherished these books, and then going to see the movies became a birthday tradition, as they always seemed to come out in November, and I will rewatch the franchise every few years.

What’s really struck me over the last few days, and since I’ve gotten more excited about Hogwarts Legacy, is that Potter was one of the first big franchises I really got swept up in. And I’m willing to say that’s probably the same for a lot of us. Yes I was in to comics and video games etc but Potter….it was different, as a kid I needed the movies and games and books etc. etc. I couldn’t get enough. However it kind of stopped after the last movie in 2011. I stopped buying the games and apart from rewatching the movies I never really took in any new Potter content; I haven’t seen or read the cursed child, I don’t understand the deep lore in the Fantastic Beasts movies and I definitely haven’t read any of the spin off books.

So isn’t it strange that after seeing the multiple huge trailers on the recent PS5 event that the one that really stood out was the new Hogwarts game. I can’t explain why, I surely thought I’d be more hyped for Demon’s Souls remastered or Final Fantasy 16, but I just can’t stop thinking about Potter. I think the main reasons are as follows, the early Potter games and the Lego Potter games were absolutely amazing and we’ve never really had a game that’s given us the possibility of getting completely lost in this amazing magical world. It will also be absolutely incredible to explore it without being tied to the Potter story (as much as I love it), imagine if we get to find out more about the House founders, or how the various magical creatures came to be, or anything!

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Quite honestly my hype for this game is already HUGE and I’m trying to really dampen it. But an open world Potterverse RPG could be mega. Imagine if it was coop, or you could choose to be good or evil. We all already know this game is going to take off and it will probably get a lot of people gaming who don’t usually bother. Come at me you sexy mofo!

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